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I live in a boring town, help!

Asked by LornaLove (9387points) January 25th, 2014

I don’t want to go on too much about my own personal affairs, but yes I suffer depression amongst other things. I recently moved to a small town (different country) and I absolutely despise it.

I can’t leave either so that is out of the question.

There is nothing to do unless you like history and pubs. Neither of which interest me. Restaurants are a train ride away and it is freezing. The last train back is at 11pm if you miss it you are pretty screwed. I am used to hot weather and a holiday city. _here they do not even have coffee shops were you can order regular food, its all friggen sandwiches__. If you do go out for coffee no one even makes eye contact.

Okay, this is not a rant. How on earth do I keep myself from decaying and falling into an abyss of boredom and frustration. It seems people here work, get pissed at the pub and then sleep. The area I live in is so dead quiet if you farted they’d call the fire brigade. I don’t have a vehicle as of yet.

I need some ideas on how to feel as though I am not 89 and ready for my grave. Thanks

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Take classes, develop new hobbies, look for book clubs, start a garden, create a regular exercise routine, volunteer with an organization that interests you, become a pen pal, start a blog.

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Join the SCA society of creative anachronism, you can dress like a 1700 musketeer and sword fight. Check the internet for your local territory.

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But if you have public transportation and can get to a city, I don’t feel that bad for you.

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@syz about nailed it, without knowing your specific interests.
I once killed a lot of free time baking cookies. I pleased a lot of people by giving most of them away. Cooking would keep you warmer while filling your time.
That’s just one example, and other interests apply about the same——like gardening.

You have the internet, so the only thing that’s keeping you bored much of the time is you.


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@talljasperman I belonged to the SCA. I was jun-gluer – first meetings of the SCA Kingdom of the East in NYC in 1968, started by Marion Zimmer Bradley (Marion Breen) and Walter Breen and held on their rented property on Staten Island. There were later tournaments in Staten Island and in Central Park and New Jersey.

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Start a group of some sort that reflects your interests. Movie friends, walking, etc. Put up or run an ad in a local rag or advertise on C’sList for activity pals.

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@MadMadMax I was in Traitors Gate in 2001 – 2008 when Roy Everest (Jack Silver) got sick. He died in 2011. He ran traitors gate (In Jasper National Park) and gave us rides to Clinton B.C. and Marsden Saskatchewan.

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@talljasperman I’m afraid you lost me there. But I was in Florence Italy in 2001.

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‘work and get pissed at the pub’ hahahah I hear you. I know you miss SA. READ and watch shows on your computer that’s what I do. Cook. I feel your pain. lol.

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Take up some activities which don’t involve having to get on a train and go an hour away.

These are some of my favorite activities:

Cooking and developing new recipes. You can even invite people over to have cooking nights in which everyone helps out, usually with a theme like Mexican or Thai or Italian. Some of my friends are involved with groups that do this once a month. Maybe you can learn how to do Home Canning

Photography. If you live in a small place that’s very different from where you used to live, there are millions of things to photograph. My favorite subjects are landscapes, from big to tiny (like leaves and pebbles) and architecture. You can make really fascinating images from doing unusual closeups of sections of buildings or old houses. Trees and flowers and lakes and streams are also great subjects.

Hiking and walking. Get to know your own new environment.

If you have some free time, even an hour a day, start reading all of those novels you’ve wanted to read. Need some book recommendations? Ask a Q on Fluther and we’ll get you started.

Movies, movies, movies!

Scrap booking.

Start a vegetable garden in your yard, maybe you need to build some Raised Beds

Get an early start on your sewing, quilting, needlepoint, or cross stitch to make Christmas gifts for this year.

Paint and or re-decorate your house. Before and After

Make some crafts like Mosaic Stepping Stones or Decorative Flower Pots

Learn how to Make Jewelry

Find out if there are any people in your community that would enjoy having some company, maybe you could read to older folks or to children at the local school. Most schools need volunteers. Are there any assisted living facilities that could use some entertainment or company? Reading to people is very enjoAmyable both for the reader and the listener.

Start the next Great American Novel. Or just write some poetry or short stories. See if any of the local publications will take submissions.

Write down 100 things that you like and figure out what activities you could do, in your small town, that would satisfy some of those desires.

Unless you are actively planning to leave this new place, decide right now, that instead of complaining about how different or boring this place is, decide to discover what is wonderful and good about this place and embrace those differences.

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