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Why do girls giggle and laugh?

Asked by 2TFX (435points) January 26th, 2014

It was a warm day and I had my shirt off. Some girls were siting behind a wall. One of tem looked at me from the around the corner and made a comment. Then the girls laughed. Why? I have a small muscular chest but I am not fat.

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Have no idea, are you very over weight? have a girlish figure? super hairy? wasn’t there so have no idea.

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I’m getting the feeling from most of your questions, that you might be smaller and thinner than most boys your own age. People, boys and girls alike, when they’re young, are often very immature can make rude statements (outright) or do what these girls did (snickering) without meaning any harm, although what they don’t realize is that it does hurt people’s feelings.

You probably don’t fit the norm for the “average size” of males at your school, or maybe your skin is super pale or maybe you have “man boobs”. Who knows? It doesn’t really matter.

You have to work on your self esteem (not matter what you look like, ‘cause even classically good looking people have esteem issues, so it’s important for everyone). If you think you would like to bulk up, go the healthy route, don’t go in for drugs. Weight training and exercises for strength and agility can help your body get stronger and you’ll gain more muscle (maybe you think you look to thin, or too boyish, rather than manly). It won’t happen over night, but it will change the way you look if you are dedicated to it (not obsessed by it).

At the same time, develop your personality. Become interesting (but real, not fake) learn to be funny (but not obnoxious) learn to be outgoing (but not a boor). Be someone that you would like, and that others would like to be around, then it doesn’t matter what you look like.

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