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Guys, what do you think of independent girls?

Asked by Mandeblind (425points) April 20th, 2012 from iPhone

To be more specific, an independent and unique girl who is a bit stubborn, fighter for her right, and complains briefly if one human being was just disrespectful towards her.

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Love them, I fall so hard for girls like that.

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I like them a lot.

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As opposed to the introverted, insecure, masochistic, subserviant, doormat-style girls?

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My wife, the true love of my life is just such a woman.

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As opposed to what?

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I think they’re sweet, lovely, fragile little creatures & admire their cooking & sewing skills & such like ;¬}

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They’re terrible.~
What would be not to like about them or any other independent being?

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Well some guys may not enjoy the complain side of a woman.

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Does anyone enjoy anyone nagging/complaining? I don’t really think so, we just put up with it with the people we care for and/or try to come to a compromise or bend to their will.

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I like independent girls. I like the way they squeal when I put handcuffs on them and gags. Then I train them. When I’m done, they love me so good. And they never bitch or complain. They always do whatever I want them to.

No. You can’t apply for my training. My waiting list is full. You couldn’t even get on it for less than a million dollars. Happiness is expensive, my dear.

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HungryGuy is that you? ^

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You have described me…

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That is absolutely my favourite kind of woman.

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Complaining doesn’t equate to independence b t w.—Everyone is independent to some degree if you think of it. But extreme or exaggerated independence tends to become seen as extreme feminism/stubbornness i.e. push a male and expect to be pushed back with just the same amount of force if not more. That is also annoying because people like that never stop arguing against every single word you say. ‘Blah blah this’ ‘No it’s actually blah blah that’.
Fuck off.

Moderation is always nice.

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