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Things to do in Sacramento?

Asked by savalski (6points) June 29th, 2008

I drove through sacramento yesterday, and didn’t really see too much going on. I might be back up in a few weeks, any cool shows, clubs, restaurants I should check out?

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Hit Old Sacramento. That’s a fun place. There’s the California State Railroad Museum located there, as well. River rafting on the American river is perfect this time of year. If you like musical theatre there’s the Music Circus. If you like Mexican food, try Ernesto’s on 16th Street. There’s a great tapa place on J Street called Tapa the World. IMAX downtown. I wish I couldgive you links to some of these places but I’m on an iPhone right now.

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I really enjoyed the railroad museum in Old Sacramento, however it’s better when they are having an event and pull out some of the old equipment, like the steam cranes.

The capitol building is nice to see as well, now that they’ve restored it.

I see Chuck is busy crafting and I’m sure he’ll come up with some expert ideas.

I had to log in and he beat me to the punch, so I second the above.

Here’s the link for the RR museum

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I lived in Sac for about 2 1/2 years, and not having anything to do was one of the reasons I moved back to L.A.; that and the horrible weather. Once you do old town and the grid there is not much else to do. May I suggest hopping on the 50 and going up to Placerville, or head out to Nevada City (if you go to Nevada City make sure you visit the chocolate shop, they have the best truffles). Its not a long drive to either place, and it is soo worth it.

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Horrible weather? Sac has great weather. It does tend to get hotter up here, but it’s more humid down in SoCal, the air stinks, and people are so phony. NorCal is real California!

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I wasn’t trying to diss your city, and I am not sure what “real” California is. I guess I just appreciate what Placerville and Nevada City have to offer over Sac. If you want to get into a NoCal vs. SoCal pissing contest, bring it on. I’ll let you pose the question. and I’m not being snarky or superior, I just think it could be fun!!)

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Sac is nice as it is so close to everything. San Francisco, Tahoe, Reno, Santa Cruz.
As for a pissing contest, no thanks. Dissing SoCal isn’t enough of a challenge.
Just jokng. Maybe.

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Try Discovery Park, just north of Old Sacto. Pay 6 bucks and walk/bike to Old Sacramento. Its a beautiful walk/bike ride.

For restaurants in Sacto. Try Bistro 33 (good food) or Ernestos (mexican…try out their carnitas) and check out McKinley park if you want to feed the ducks, walk around.

And then head up to Roseville….check out Galleria Mall and the new Fountains shopping center. Roseville…food…Mikunis or Blue Nami for sushi..let me know if you want more restaurant ideas.

Natureā€¦visit Folsom Lake or American River Parkway and theres lots of trails. Or go to garden hwy north of Old Sacramento, and go to Chevys with the views of the water. Drive along the Delta during sunset time….(towns from Rio Vista to Courtland)

Ditto on white water rafting on American River starting at Chili Bar

Sacramento is a beautiful city, you won’t be disappointed.

4th of July soon…they have great fireworks exploding above the tower bridge

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No one has mentioned the state capitol building? The Governator is there!

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Yes I did, rob, check answer # 2.

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You could watch an indie flick at the Tower theater and then walk next door to have amazing desserts at the Tower Cafe. I also recommend eating at 33rd Street Bistro or it’s sister restaurant Riverside Clubhouse. Like AstroChuck, I also like Tapa the World, but I’m not a huge fan of Ernestos like the others seem to be. I think you can get better and cheaper Mexican elsewhere. I think Sacramento is become a big foodie place, so I like the corner with Crepeville, Dragonfly, etc. Awesome food and fun to walk around the neighborhood. Otherwise if you’re looking for so-called touristy stuff, then yeah, Old Town is definitely the place to go for a bit of nightlife. I tend to stick to the many breweries like Rubicon (that makes an amazing stout), River City Brewing Co., Sac Brew (also great stout ;), Brew It Up, etc. Lots of beer in that city!

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From a friend who lives in Nevada City; posted 7:15 EDT today>
A week ago, the area near Grass Valley in the Sierra of northern CA began to burn and the air around us at home turned to “extremely harzardous”—-the worst air our Air Quality monitoring person had seen in his lifetime.

So we headed to the Pacific Coast, Santa Cruz, which recently had 3–4 huge fires but they were out.

Santa Cruz is N. of Big Sur where about 300 square miles are burning. By dawn this AM, the air in Santa Cruz was filled with large particles from the Big Sur fire——grey dandruff from the skies. So we took off again.

I am in the SF Bay Area now where it seems breathable today—- at least compared to the other places we’ve been.

Miracle no one was killed—-that I have heard about anyhow. Crews have come from all over the US to help. Feds sent big tankers but they could not see in the smoke to fly. Had to get a Black Hawk heliocopter with night vision capability to drop fire retardant.

A friend who lives on the Yuba River at the edge of the Yuba River Complex fire sends us daily reports. She says the bears and the rattlesnakes are coming out of the woods and are in a very bad mood. She also says the terrain so steep, dozers can’t get in to do their work and firefighters are spraining their ankles on the steep slopes.

It is going to be a long hot smoky summer.

..and don’t plan on going to Big Sur anytime soon. They are trying to save the Tassajara complex. Anyhow, the Pacific Coast Highway is completely closed down.

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Having lived there for about 11 years…

Nightlife: check out midtown, lots of cool bars

outdoor stuff: bike the American River bike trail, rafting (see above)

food: Mikuni sushi, go to the one downtown/midtown

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