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What are some visually stunning videos you love?

Asked by anniereborn (9996points) February 1st, 2014

This got me to thinking about videos as well as movies.
Here are some that I love
The Perfect Drug by Nine Inch Nails
Index by Steven Wilson
End of the World by The Cure

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I find many of the works of Cyriak to be visually interesting, if a bit surreal.

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@jerv wow! that is some psychedelic shit!

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That is very, very strange @jerv!

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This is an extremely artistic and well done ad.

But my all time favorite is I want my sweeties, I downloaded it for posterity and now I see it’s been banned – amazing stupidity:

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@MadMadMax I love that first one!!!
(I love the second one two, but doesn’t do much for me visually speaking)

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My perennial favorite, Grinding the Crack (don’t worry, it SFW).

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How about this one? :D

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@Dutchess_III That looks like an acid trip :P

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Well, it WAS the 60’s! OMG, I loved the Monkees!

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Hum… I really like the video of Etienne Daho’s Epaule Tatoo:

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