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What media would you choose to represent humanity to aliens?

Asked by SmashTheState (14228points) February 7th, 2011

Aliens have contacted humanity and asked us to prepare a package for them which best expresses the essence of humanity as a whole, telling them what it’s like to be human. A lottery has determined that you will be the one to choose.

What the aliens want is:

One song.
One film.
One book.
One piece of artwork.
One game or toy.

What are your choices? How will you portray humanity?

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Film. It is the closest thing we have to a confluence of the arts because it can obviously contain elements of all the others mentioned.

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Book: The Republic by Plato
Artwork: The Mona Lisa
Toy: A wooden car

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“Song”— Something by Bach or Vivaldi… or Albioni – Adagio
Film— Planet of the Apes (or a documentary about the exploits of globalization, if that’s allowed)
Book— The God Delusion // or something to do with history and finance, there are a lot of good ones.
Art— Paris counts as a work of art, right?
Game— Go

Hmm hard to choose….

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Avatar. It was at best a mediocre film, but it’ll show them not to trust most of us at this time, particularly corporations.

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This song
This film
This book
This painting
and a ball :)

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Actually, maybe… The Onion Song

Though Pink Floyd’s PULSE Comfortably Numb I’d have to show them too =/

Maybe some Jazz though… Sax is obviously the greatest instrument in the Universe…

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As a representative of humanity, I’d have to tell them “fix your own f***ing package.”

F***ing aliens come here and expect us to DO sh*t for them…

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One song – What A Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong)
One film – Gone with the Wind
One book – To Kill A Mockingbird (Harper Lee)
One piece of artwork – The Starry Night (Vincent van Gogh)
One game or toy – Rubik’s Cube

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I would just give them youtubes database. It would be the best media to portray mankind.

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Harold and Kumar go to White Castle

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I think the best way to communicate would be through light….so film would be great (I did read the above…but I need time to formulate an answer on the details).

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I should probably answer my own question.

One song: I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General, by Gilbert and Sullivan
One film: The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street (from The Twilight Zone)
One book: Critique of Pure Reason, by Kant
One piece of artwork: The Creation of Adam, by Michaelangelo
One game or toy: A deck of cards and the rules to poker.

(I am embarassed by how very Western this list is, but I just don’t have enough exposure to other cultures to choose confidently from their classics.)

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Song: Take on me (DJ Gollum Remix) by Topmodlz {Show we like to party}
Film: Commando {Show we do have strong fighters =P}
Book: Magician by Ramond E. Feist {Show we have very complex imaginations}
Artwork: Benediciton by Daniel Chester {This just struck me as an amazing statue}
Game/Toy: Rubik’s cube {Show we are intelligent even in our games}

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Song—Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds [The Beatles]
Film—Seven Pounds
Book—The Grapes of Wrath [John Steinbeck]
Art—The Persistence of Memory [Salvador Dali]

Gah this is hard. GQ. My list feels incomplete.
And I really want to throw in a bonus of the Planet Earth series so they can see some of the other animals… eheh

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Give them a bong and some Maui Wowee, put them in a library with a projector and CD player, and see what they pick.

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I helped an alien dig his car out of a snowbank across the street from my house one afternoon last week. Seriously. I’m not sure whether he was Chinese, Mongolian or Korean, but he was from somewhere in northeast Asia, and could barely speak English.

We got his car out of the snow, anyway, and got him on his way again. If anyone took a video, then that’s what I’d show. That, and maybe Fluther.

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Song: I agree, Louis Armstrong, What a Wonderful World
Film; Amelie
Book: Les Miserables
Art: The Last of England, Ford Maddox Brown
Game: Musical Chairs

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song: Innagaddadavidda along with a hit of windowpane blotter (not promoting drug use, kids!)
film: Close Encounters of the Third Kind (to show our silly side of what we think of aliens)
book: Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley
art: some bizarro Picasso or Escher
game: fart machine

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Give ‘em a guitar and tell ‘em to make their own music – we just might like it.
Give ‘em a camera, and show them their dreams of Hollywood.
Give ‘em paper, and challenge them to get published.
Give ‘em paint, and tell them the name of each flavor.
Give them a yo-yo – maybe a knot on the head is the best education of all.

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I consulted the internets, these most accurately reflect the hopes and dreams of the people.

song : Bed Intruder
movie : Surprised Kitty
book : I Can Make You Thin (#1 book on Amazon!)

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I’d start with a list of prime numbers.

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@fundevogel I thank all that’s holy that the Bed Intruder was from Huntsville, AL and not Columbia, SC!

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I would want Bill Clinton because most decent people respect him. He is exremtly intelligent and has Charmisa.
I think they should hear everything from the Beatles, Stones to Sinatra and Streisand. Even decent Rape.
They should see Art from Michangelo and today.
They should see flims about love and overcoming things. Human kind does that well.

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Even decent Rape.

Wait…. wuh?

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I think he wants to give a copy of Legend of the Overfiend and La Blue Girl to the aliens.

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God, don’t give them fucking ideas.

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