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Do you think anyone deserves to die?

Asked by jca (35976points) February 2nd, 2014

Today, on Facebook and other places around the internet, people are making comments about Philip Seymour Hoffman, that he deserved to die because of putting a needle in his arm. I started thinking about this issue, and the other question posted here, “Why do we care?”

I am somewhat sympathetic to a person being addicted to drugs, because I don’t think they intended to get addicted (even though the stats are not in their favor) and they often start taking drugs due to personal issues, mental health issues, things that hurt them that they are trying to escape from.

Many people don’t agree with that position. They feel like if someone gets addicted, they deserve what they get. If someone is talented, has fame and fortune, they should deal with their issues and make the most of what they have.

I think we have all known people who were addicted to substances, illegal and legal, and what their lives became. We all hear of celebrities and people we know personally who die of overdose, maybe intentionally, maybe not.

I started thinking about other people that, when I hear about them dying, I don’t feel like it’s the worst loss (pedophiles, murderers, rapists). Those people, when we hear about them dying, we usually have zero sympathy for. We may be happy to hear that they got their asses kicked in jail, or got shot by police while fleeing.

Do you think anybody deserves to die?

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Yes, some people are just broken.

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Deserve implies that justice has been realized.

Pedophiles, psychopathic murderers and the like certainly can not and should not be tolerated by reasonable people, so they probably deserve to die or at least disappear.

Heroin addicts are certainly tempting a certain moral justice when they inject a powerful narcotic into their bloodstream.

However, there are many possibilities when one engages in dangerous behavior. One of them is that they will survive. If they survive, did they NOT deserve to survive? No because that is always a possibility.

So by extension, drug addicts probably do not deserve to die, but nobody should be surprised.

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Deserves got nothing to do with it. (Line from Unforgiven)

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A couple of different aspects to the question:

Do some people deserve to die? Not really for me to say, because the word ‘deserve’ really has no specific meaning. The way I see it, if a person chooses to to drugs and dies, it’s not because he ‘deserves’ it – it’s because he/she made a stupid lifestyle choice that has real-life and predictable consequences.

Should I care? – that’s the real question. Just because someone made movies (Hoffman) or made music (Joplin, Hendrix, dozens of others) doesn’t mean that their death was tragic of even noteworthy.

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No. Unless that is what someone truly wants. And capital punishment is state sanctioned murder regardless of how heinous the crime committed.

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Everyone deserves to day. The universe decides the time, place and method.

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Yay for to day!!

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Sure people deserve to die, but for what they do to others, not themselves.
Day? @ragingloli, your closet pacifist is showing, or your secret desire to be James Bond…. Never Say die!

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“That woman, deserves her revenge and… we deserve to die. But then again, so does she. So, I guess we’ll just see. Won’t we?”

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Because of my first hand experience with alcoholism, people like me and Seymour find ways to self medicate the emotions and thoughts that hijack our brains. The more successes you achieve the higher the high and since you cannot win an academy award every 6 hours…drugs and alcohol are an easy reach substitute to recreating that high. One drink…one toke, one shot is never enough to duplicate that high and sooner or later they/we hit bottom. Unless you have been there like I have…you have little right to criticize or dis this young mans battle with drugs and his untimely death.

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I don’t think “deserve” is a word I would choose but of course, the world is better off when some terribly depraved person exits. For the greater good yes, that is true.
However, I do not consider people that struggle with substance abuse issues to be on the same continuum as deranged killers, evil masterminds and pedophiles.

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No people do not deserve to die.
People need to treat themselves, others and their life with respect.

Those who don’t treat life with respect don’t get what they deserve they just get what life gives them, and life sometimes, if you aren’t careful, bites back and it can be deadly, so watch it and respect it.

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Since we do not really know what, if anything, happens when we die; would not the better question be are there some people who do not deserve to live?

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No, PSH did not deserve to die.

The ruling class? It deserves to die. Promptly.

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We all deserve to die. Even you, Mrs. Lovett! Even I! –Sweeney Todd.

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I believe it’s a big mistake to to regard substance addiction as evidence of a shortage of moral fiber. It’s about as sensible as declaring that redheads or green eyed people are defective. The human condition is such that there are just an endless series of snares awaiting us depending on how we are individually wired. So much of what happens to us and how we turn out is merely a matter of random chance. You have about as much chance of controlling your susceptibility to life’s many traps as you do of choosing your parents. Some of us are going to succumb to fried chicken, strawberry ice cream and rampant diabetes, while others deliberately starve or cut themselves to death. In the end, none of us are coming out of this alive, and the one certainty is that the longer we are here, the more we are aware of just how rapidly the lights around us are winking out.

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I have an ex boss that deserves to die. He was a liar, a thief, and an emotional blackmailer, a blacklister and a rude, sick, mean son of a beatch. He hastened the deaths of several of my former co-workers. He was a narcissist to the Nth degree. He had no degree of humanity. He deserves to die, but yet, he keeps getting promoted to higher and grander positions because everyone is afraid to give him a bad review. That’s because if you give someone a bad review, it sets you up for a lawsuit. This dude keeps getting passed along the way without so much as a cringe. On paper, he’s a saint and a smart professional man, in reality, he’s a liar and a cheat and a very sick individual. No one vets anyone these days, apparently. : (

Phillip Seymour Hoffman was a good person who unfortunately, allowed himself to get caught up in the drug scene. It was his choice, in the first place, but after he became addicted, there wasn’t much he could have done, on his own, to fix his problem. Too bad he didn’t ask for help.

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Whether some people deserve to die or not doesn’t really matter, because everyone will die, some day.

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Facebook, like youtube, filled with a buch of slimeballs who actually have the audacity to disply their ugly mugs for their equally ugly comments. The same types of places where a group of men threatened to beat up a teen male rape victim simply for being a ‘wuss’ by reporting it, and I better not go on here. I generally don’t respect scum enough to even debate in a respectful way, but perhaps the people making those comments better watch out for nature’s version of poetic justice.

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