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Have you ever feel lost and confused? If yes, then how did you manage to get out of it?

Asked by nerevars (221points) February 4th, 2014

I’ve been feel like this for a while and it really torture me to feel like this.
What should I do? Where should I go? Is there really any meaning about all this? etc.

For your information, I’m a college student and I think I feel like this because I’m in wrong major from my passion which I haven’t found yet. And I can’t leave it because I already in my senior years with a low grade (I think it is) because the reason I has stated above or I’m just a plain stupid.
And somehow I got lucky enough that one of the professor is taking me with her research (which I performed badly) and leaving it in midway like this is kinda bad since it pretty much cost her.

I just really feel so bad, I feel like I’m stuck and wasting my time here.

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I hear your anguish but sadly don’t think you are going to hear anything useful from the collective than you have already heard.

I wrote this a month ago;

“You have asked several similar questions since you joined fluther in Sept.2013 and appear to be suffering still. Refer back to all those answers, please, about how to get some help. I know that you have run into strong family resistance and live in a country where it is not easy to deal with your issues. Is your family still resistant?”


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My two cents is you are letting your lack of direction affect that greater part of your life at a very overwhelming time in your life. I would suggest putting every element of your waking day down on paper in a spread sheet format. This will allow you to track and manage your basic task of going to class, managing your projects and study time. Also make a list of what you like about your life and school and what you don’t like. Take a real close look and rate yourself on your effort you put forth for everything you do. Be your own manager and critic and then commit to doing a better job at what you are there to do and stick to it.

Writing things down has always helped me sort through some very foggy and challenging times in my life.

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Um, sure. Everybody has. It’s called life. Anyone who tells you they’ve always known exactly what to do or where to go is either lying to you or to themselves.
I got a BA in Psych and Sports Medicine for the same reason I hear from you: at this point you’re so close to that degree you’d be a fool not to. I haven’t ever applied that degree specifically and it hasn’t ever mattered.
I agree with @Cruiser that your lack of direction is depressing your whole life. I say pull your bootstraps up a little higher and keep moving ahead. Learn for the sake of learning. Honestly, stop drinking (or smoking, if you do), and get outside and move your body. That alone can help clear your head.

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