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What's the most efficient way of locating someone based off knowing their location relative to someone else?

Asked by Questionsaboutstuff (265points) February 5th, 2014

Imagine you can see 2 people’s locations, person A you can see their distance away from you in kilometres, person B you can only see if he’s closer to you than A or further away

Moving to different locations can help us located person B, just as sat nav with 3 sources can track down our locations.

Is there a most efficient way of going about solving this problem to find person B in the least number of moved over a large number of random cases?

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A simplified version of having 3 people and you know the distance of A and B and know C only in terms of closer or further away from A and B, would also be interesting to know if only having 2 people is too difficult.

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I am not sure I understand the question. Are you only interested in seeing if B is closer or farther away? Dimming or blocking of the target position would do that.

If you want to know the distance and can move from a known spot to another known spot you can record the viewing angle and use the parallax equations to find the intersection of both lines and thus the location.

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Sorry I’m trying to pin point where is B location

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If you can move A anywhere along the circle and know the angles, you can find B in two moves. The base of the triangle would be 2 km and the angles to B would be used to determine the distance. If you measured at the extremes when A was furthest to the left and right the distance would be the tangent x 1 km

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I don’t know Bs or As angle to me

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GPS with a radio link.

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Plot them to a map (electronic or paper) and see.

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