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Did you watch your Facebook movie?

Asked by filmfann (44460points) February 5th, 2014

I have to say that I am delighted with the little 1 minute film they made of my pics and posts. It isn’t often that I say something nice about FB, but they got this right.
Here is mine. Feel free to post yours.

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I spent about half an hour looking at all my friend’s movies today. I’m really enjoying it. Your’s too!

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Please don’t tell me it’s automatic! I did not sign up for it…

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@pleiades It’s not automatic.

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What is this?

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nobody’s watching your fb movie sorry.. I did not share mine lol

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I have a facebook movie?

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I really enjoyed mine surprisingly. However, I do find it somewhat creepy that an unknown programmer can develop an algorithm to produce the significant events in your life. I suppose part of the code reads, “If pets and grandchildren, then X…..”

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I did mine, but didn’t like the pictures that it chose, so I didn’t post it. I wonder if I will get something different if I try it again?

Many of my friends did this and got great movies. They have been fun to watch.

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I have been told my link is faulty. Here is another try at it.
The movie is not auto-generated. It has to be requested by you. If you do not want to share it, that is your choice.
I find them endlessly fascinating, and I am kind of surprised I didn’t tire of the same song after hearing it 20 times. They did a good job.

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I liked mine – the only problem is that it chose photos that were commented on most often, and in some I tagged the person (like my coworker who I don’t necessarily dislike but nor do I really like him either,and don’t really want to see him in my movie) and because that person was popular with his friends, there are a lot of “likes” and comments and that’s what got that (or those) photos chosen.

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Yes but I don’t post pictures or statuses on my page so all I saw was a profile pic and the date I joined. That was it. Unless I’m missing something. I did enjoy seeing other peoples’ though.

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@jca Not sure but I think you can edit your movie.

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Yes, you can NOW edit it. They recently added that ability.

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@AshLeigh Gee, yours looks just like mine.

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Did my link not work, or am I missing something?

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@AshLeigh When I click your link, I see my facebook movie

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Dang xD
I’ll try this again later.

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