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Does anyone know of any good photoshop tutorial sites?

Asked by willbrawn (6614points) June 29th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m specifically looking for tutorials on wedding style/engagement style effects. Any help would be great.

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bmrumble's avatar will walk you through specific projects. Most are cheesy but they’re generally good exercises.

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Not sure if this will help???

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Im looking for a place to learn how to do photo’s for example. Like when you see it, it looks sorta faded but certain colors are accented. Or when you have a black and white photo and just a dress is in color or the roses. Things of that nature if that helps at all.

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88 video podcasts of Photoshop and Illustrator stuff. Most of the videos run about ten minutes. They are really good.

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@johnpowell thx I’ll check it out

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you could also just post the photo and have one of us do it… Its not hard.

robmizelldotcom's avatar has some amazing tutorials. I highly recommend it!

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You could also just apply the Filter—> Artistic—> Weddings & Engagements effect.

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@pupntaco i dont have that effect, where can i find it?

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hahahah, that filter doesn’t exist. I think Lightroom has some built in toning effects and the sort…

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@willbrawn He was just joking with you :-P

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