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If someone near you litters, what do you do?

Asked by jacksonRice (407points) June 29th, 2008

Do you say something snarky? Ignore it? Pick it up yourself? Ask politely if s/he dropped something?

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Usually pick it up myself and “look” at the person. Unless it is dog poop, then I hold out a spare bag, say, “Oh, do you need a poop bag?” and just stand there.

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I used to pick it up and tell them they dropped it, but now I don’t bother. Sometimes I’ll pick it up myself, other times I leave it, depending on my mood.

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It depends. If I know them, I say something to them. If it’s a stranger, I usually try to just pick it up.

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I’m not going to call anyone out on it. I don’t like to be that forward and I’m not big on conflict.

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I call people out on it. That’s just something that is not okay with me. I make an effort to look cute while I’m doing it. That usually helps.

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Always I make a pained grimace and feel a surge of annoyance. If I know the person, snark and/ or haranguing ensues. If I don’t, usually I’ll just pick it up myself.

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I call people out on it. That’s just something that is not okay with me. I make an effort to swing my bike lock while I’m doing it. That usually helps.

My testicles make me aggressive.

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“OY you dropped something there!”

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give them the look. its really awkward….its even more if i see them later or head the same way.

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It’s not your place to play policeman. Unless it’s on your property or something.

And I’m sure “looking cute” does a whole lot when you’re calling someone out and denouncing them…

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Not only is there “road rage” but there is “litter rage” as well. I would pick my battles.

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I would say, “Hey, you dropped something.” and hope they pick it up. If not, I do it myself. It’s something that is just plain wrong.

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I pick it up. I don’t like it. But I do. I want to show my kids the right way to be. I can’t stand litter bugs.

My least favorite, the people who flick their cigarets out the window of their car. Those people suck rocks.

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Um, no, they suck cancer sticks, Bri_L. They will surely get theirs.

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True. I just have had my kids pick those up. It’s disgusting. I don’t care if your on the highway or not. Makes no difference.

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Here’s an approach that might work, once my friends mom saw a girl throw a bag on the sand, so she chased her down and made her throw it away, haha. Make them learn their lesson ;]

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I also ask them if they dropped something, if they say no then I insult them. If they get hostile then I rally the people around me to make that person uncomfortable. This always works for me, it’s harsh but effective. Especially if it’s dogg poop, that’s disgusting.

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I was at a festival, and a man lit up a cigarette, took a puff on it and dropped it on the ground 5 feet from a trash can. I told him to step on it, then put it in the trash can. He picked it up and walked off, shaking his head. I’m not sure why he was mystified. Was he looking to drop it somewhere else, did he plan to smoke more of it and drop it somewhere else, or was he simply too stupid to get the point?

Yeah, I made a scene. I’d do it again, too.

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