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Can you help me identify these flowers?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) February 11th, 2014

Here are the Flowers

Wow they’re beautiful and abundant!

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It looks like one of the white clematis

Similar to your photo

They are profusely flowering vines.

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Looks like a variety of magnolia similar to this. You’re in the south, right? This is very early blooming, so now would be about right. They bloom well before the leaves come out.

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Some kind of magnolia was my thought, too. @pleiades it’s a tree or shrub, right?

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Can I change my vote?

Have a sniff. Magnolias are very fragrant; clematis much less so.

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They have the star shape of magnolias. The smell test would confirm it. You lucky dog. I love those.

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AHh thanks for the answers all! Unfortunately it’s a photograph from Tumblr and unfortunately I’m not lucky enough to live in the south! (Unless Southern California is known for having magnolia flowers too?? hah) Thanks again all

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Magnolias grow in S. Cal. LA County Arboreum has their magnolias blooming just about now..

What’s Blooming? Magnolias Source. Scroll down for beautiful pictures.

February 04, 2012

“Magnolia flowers, some perfumed, some relaxed and spreading, others slender and pointed or even globular burst forth from the barren limbs after shedding their bristly flower caps (called “perules”). They are the largest single flowers outside the tropics. The Arboretum collection contains over 60 different types of magnolias, with over 40 of them being represented in the Meadowbrook section.

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Some magnolias grow in zone 5, so we have them in NYS. Check the varieties though.

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@pleiades I’m in Southern California and we have magnolias all over the place. The ones in the picture didn’t look familiar to me. The ones around my area are on trees, rather than shrubs, and the blooms are huge, like 12 inches across. This is actually a smallish bloom.

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