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When was the last time you literally stopped to smell the roses?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30391points) May 17th, 2011

Have you been too busy lately to stop and enjoy life?

Do you pass by the florist’s shop on your drive and ignore it day after day?

When was the last time you smelled a flower?

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Every time I walk by them on the street. I cannot resist the scent of roses, especially the deep reds and the yellows. I did learn to check for bees first, however.

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Last night. My GFs gramma grows them.

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Not long ago at all I took a detour to smell some very fine roses! I love spring for this reason! ;)

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I live in a city. The closest thing to flowers are the weeds growing up between the cracks in the sidewalk in the less traveled parts of town…

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Last Summer. I was walking, and they looked cool, and I already know they smell good, so I smelled them lol.

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Last night. My fiancée regularly bring flowers either for me or for our home to make it pretty and smell good. We like that the fresh flower smell brings us to the “right now” of things because we are made immediately aware they will only last a spell and so try to enjoy them. It’s also a good way to get kick started to clean up the house quickly :)

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Yesterday I smelled a flower. I have a lilac bush and they smell soooo good. Especially in the rain!

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Last night! I was walking through Mission Hills with my dog to admire all the old bungalows, and there was a beautiful rose hedge with fragrant old English roses.

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All I have to do to smell the neighbor’s lilacs is step out my front door.

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I have been loving this spring. First, the cherry blossoms and forsythia, next the daffodils and tulips and dogwoods, now giving way to rhododendrons.

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Oh! Between the time I answered this and going outside just now, my apple tree blossoms opened!! I wish they’d last forever.

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Do lilacs count? Roses aren’t out yet in our neighborhood. Every day when I walk Zuppy past the lilacs. I stick my face into the blossom clusters, breathe deep and get a little high…

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@JilltheTooth Love lilacs! Especially the dark purple French ones.

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Yesterday at Osh. They actually smelled like roses.

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Well, I can’t exactly say I smelled it. But I took a good long look at a flower just this evening.

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Roses are not in bloom yet where I am at yet,but there is a bud on a rose bush I just bought.It’s yellow and orange like a sunrise.It will be beautiful! or else :)

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Last summer?

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Do real blue roses exist?
I’ve never seen one, but if I did, it would be such a delightfully exotic experience for me. :-)

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We just planted new some rose bushes that have already bloomed and getting ready to bloom again, and two gorgeous bougainvilleas. I learned along time ago to stop and smell the roses. Sometimes I forget. I’m only human. But 99 percent of the time, I appreciate the roses. Even the thorns.

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My lilac bush was blossoming recently and it was so gorgeous! I was walking home from work and I admired it from a distance as I walked down the street. When I got up close to it I reached out and brought a cluster of blossoms up to my face to breathe it in deep. God! What an intoxicating smell! Even better than roses.

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I have my bathroom window open almost every day, and there are some honeysuckle trees outside about 2 or 3 feet away.

The last time I smelled them was this afternoon; they’re great for freshening the air in there.

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@Brian1946 :-) They do exist, well… blue-ish roses do. The nursery near me has some but they look more purple in the sunlight.

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I never smell flowers, they have effects on me, like I’m allergic or something. I do like to stare at the night sky for long periods of time, that’s my flower smelling.

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I have been working on, and smelling my roses for the last 2 weeks! Also been smelling the Lavender. It’s amazing right now.

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At the town rose garden this afternoon, I am one of the volunteer “dead headers” that cut off the “past” blooms.

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Roses aren’t around where I live.. And besides, I’ve always preferred the scent of jasmine.

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When I get to Portland, I want that job so I can take them all and make potpourri!

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My mom’s friend just brought in a whole bouquet of lilacs. I swear they don’t smell like real lilacs (they take on an old-lady-moth-bally smell) and are right in the center of the kitchen table where we eat. I can’t stand other smells let alone when I’m eating, but it’s just soo strong also given that I live in a rather small apartment. I haven’t said anything yet, but they are starting to get old and smell even worse and shed spores or whatever on the table :(. If I have to eat one more meal with them I swear…
@ddude1116 lurve. love the smell of jasmine.
sorry for ruining the mood of this post

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Literally? Not lately, roses are fussy and a pain in the ass to grow in my opinion so I don’t bother with them. I stop to smell things that not only have and equally good if not a better scent and can be just as beautiful if not more and are less imperious and demanding.

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Last Thursday. Alas, pretty as they were, they had no scent. Maybe next time.

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Today I slowed down and looked at and bought lots of flowers. It was exactly the type of afternoon for your question- not too busy, not too slow. I found flowers I wanted but not all so I get to go again. I wandered happily through garden centres, I had ‘no particular place to go’. I chatted to my co-gardener shoppers, enjoyed the sun and the breeze, found a bathroom when I needed it, thoroughly pleasant afternoon.

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About 4 hours ago. I was at the grocery store getting milk and the guy behind me was buying a boquet of roses. I told him that I thought that that was a beautiful arrangement. He said it was for his girlfriend, because, although he was planning a big shindig this coming weekend, it was actually her birthday, today. I asked him if I could smell the roses and he said OK. He also had a nice balloon. He was really nice and I asked him if he was cooking for the party on the weekend. He said yes, that he was cooking for about 60 people. I told him that I was very impressed and that even though he forgot (he found out on Facebook this morning) that his girlfriend would be very happy to receive the roses and the balloons and would be extra happy (and should be thrilled) that he was hosting this big to do for her this weekend. He was smiling from ear to ear, partly out of embarassment, that he didn’t quite recall the date of her actual birthday, but also out of pride that I acknolwdeged that he was pretty awesome. He was so cute, I wanted to drive over there this weekend and make sure that his lady appreciated all that he was doing for her. I have no doubt that she will. : )

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I rarely smell them , not because I don’t like them but because i’m allergic to pollen.

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When my mom was out here visiting two weeks ago, we were walking to a thrift store right near my house and chatting and not paying and attention and all of a sudden we both just gasp really loudly because we walked by this patch of…. lavender? trees or bushes….maybe not lavender, but some pinkish strong delightful smelling flower… was so wonderful. I couldn’t stop sniffing the tree.

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I sniff bush, does that count? ;¬}

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@ucme Why on earth would you want to sniff George Bush? Papa or Junior?

ucme's avatar

@Kardamom I was referring to Barbara’s “holy shrine” so there :¬p

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I have a giant wild rose bush in my front yard, and I go out there nearly every day just to breathe in the lovely smell.

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“I have my bathroom window open almost every day, and there are some honeysuckle trees outside about 2 or 3 feet away.”

Now I’m thinking that those are more likely to be lilac trees- nice. :-)

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