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Is there a website like Yelp for real estate agent reviews?

Asked by 2davidc8 (7774points) February 13th, 2014

Over the years, I’ve generally had good results using Yelp reviews to help me find good businesses such as restaurants, plumbers, auto mechanics, carpet cleaners, etc. Sure, oftentimes you have read between the lines, but I’ve found Yelp helpful overall.

However, there are very, very few reviews of real estate agents. I don’t know why. Does anyone know of a website with RE agent reviews?

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There is no reason that real estate agents can’t be review on Yelp! In the bay area, Yelp! is very popular and you can find reviews for anyone doing business, including real estate agents.

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Ah, yes, but there are very, very few reviews of real estate agents on Yelp. And the reviews never appear under the agent’s name; instead, they are to be found under the name of their broker. For example, Coldwell Banker. A given Coldwell Banker office may have 3 to 8 reviews or so, but each office may have 4 or 5 agents. Consequently, there is usually only one review for a particular agent. Not enough information.

That’s why I was wondering if there is forum more exclusively devoted to real estate than Yelp where agents and the quality of their work is discussed.

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Lacking a review site, you could try looking for the agency that oversees all the real estate agents/companies in your state. If you contacted them, that at least would help you rule out the agents that had gotten in trouble with them.

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@snowberry Yes, in California that would be the Department of Real Estate.

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You could try seeing if a particular agent has a Facebook page. Sometimes you may find info about them there. Or try and

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Why not look up the business on the Better Business Bureau website? I would bet they’re probably listed.

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There are multiple online real estate sites where you can compare and view properties and get best deal. These are very helpful for home seekers as well as brokers also.

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I think zillow and rankmyagent are two good websites posting the reviews of the list of real estate agents. Go through these two essential websites. Hope these might help you.

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