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Is it better to mix brown with violet, or Gray with pink?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) February 15th, 2014

Need no more description than that needed.

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I say mix them all together.

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I am grey, and I like pink.
Wait, what are we talking about?

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If you mix them all together, you will get mud. Do violet. Grey and pink or so so over. Any bright colour will be better than the time worn grey or pink.

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Shock everyone and mix violet with gray.

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I prefer grey with plum.

In general though, I prefer analogous colors over complimentary colors.

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I love grey and pink. :)

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I have a box of watercolor here. Do you want to try?

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Of course, you need more details. Are you talking about paints? Walls? Watercolor? Fashion? This is a muddy question. The details make all the difference.

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The phrasing is confusing, as noted in the previous responses. My initial thought was that you were talking about pairing the colors together in an outfit. Brown and violet sound iffy, because many shades of brown have warm undertones, while violet is a cool color. Of the two choices, I would choose pink and grey over brown and violet.

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Actually, a little bit of description would be helpful. For example, are you talking about decorating your home or dressing yourself?

Grey and pink make a lovely room combination that was overused during the early-1980s. Back then, grey and pink were the go-to colors for interior design. Today, the motif looks dated and stale, from another time and generation.

But, if you’re picturing a grey business suit with a pink shirt, that look would be fabulous.

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Excluded mixing paint, think solid objects, fabric, furniture, etc.

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@Hypocrisy_Central – Then my answer stands: Pink and grey are generally more likely to complement each other than violet and brown, although with shade variations there could be exceptions.

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Definitely grey with pink- have you ever seen a galah? If not, look it up on google images.

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