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Do people who have multiple personalities do things like eating too much?

Asked by talljasperman (21744points) February 19th, 2014

If one is not aware of having a multiple personality syndrome would you have supper twice or multiple times? One daily activity for each personality.

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Well…if you don’t remember having 5 lunches but gain 40lbs. in 4 months, must mean Sybil and her siblings are extra hungry.

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I think so. When people with multiple personalities change to different personalities they become different person. Most often they don’t aware of their multiple personalities and just think they are normal individuals, even when they switch personality. So it’s most likely they will do things like that.

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One has multiple personalities, not multiple stomachs.

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It’s actually an interesting question. @gailcalled people who have their stomachs surgically removed still feel hunger, there is a huge mental component to hunger. I really don’t know the answer, I suspect not (or it would be more commonly known I would guess). Also the term “Multiple Personality Disorder” has been replaced with “Dissasociative Identity Disorder.”

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What, like you’re dining alone but book a table for four?
Sounds like Mr.Creosote in The Meaning of Life…“Aww go on, it’s only wayffer thin.”

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@gorillapaws: I don’t know the answer either and was not taking the question seriously. Obesity does not seem to be a symptom, however. And as you also mention, the etiology of hunger is a fascinating one as is defining appetite and food addiction.


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There is a signal which is sent to our brains when we are full. Some folks don’t get the signal or simply don’t signal and might therefore eat a bit more than they need.

I think when each successive personality takes over from its predecessor, it takes on the condition of the body left to it by the prior skipper, as it were.

Thus if Freddy feels full just before switching to Melody, then Melody won’t be hungry for a while. Just as Melody will feel the hurt if Freddie stubs his toe just before a switch.

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