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Why is modern day society so hypocritical?

Asked by Gifted_With_Languages (1137points) February 21st, 2014

I thank you with all my heart.

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Because of the internet our society as a whole is constantly bombarded with increasing amounts of BS leading to this increased skepticism.

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Society hundreds of years ago was hypocritical also. People rationalize things to suit themselves. Whole societies do.

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It isn’t. That is… Not more than society in other times has been.

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I don’t understand what you are asking. Maybe you could elaborate. Also, could you define “modern day” and “society”? It would also help to know if you are comparing whatever “modern day society” means with some other “society” at a different time. If this is the case, you might want to state the time period used for comparison.

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People rationalize their behavior and likely have since humans developed consciousness.

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Being hypocritical is a survival skill inherent in the human race. In the beginning, if you had a ruler or leader that held the power of life and death, you had to tell them what they wanted to hear, and do what you had to do for the day-to-day survival of you and yours. It’s part of human makeup.

I think in some ways Western society is less hypocritical then before because of all the media. It’s a lot harder for anyone of prominence to say one thing and do another than ever in modern history. I think we see more hypocrisy because more of it’s called out. In a society where the media are effectively controlled by a few leaders, hypocrisy is endemic because they can say one thing, do the other, then report the results as they report best.

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Got any examples? I don’t see anything uniquely hypocritical about today’s society. I would say denialism is a much more operative problem – say, with environmental issues (e.g., climate change denialism has taken off, ironically as climate change becomes less and less of a future problem and more of a current problem) or economics (inequality is basically ignored as an economic problem in the USA; austerity has failed spectacularly in Europe).

Not sure I agree with @ibstubro about it being harder to get away with though. Bold acts of hypocrisy are a big win for any sufficiently bold politician. The more surreal and insane the act, the more fascists cheer it and conservatives and milquetoasts diminish it through rationalization (denialism?). That’s how rule of law was able to degrade so quickly in the USA after 9/11.

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It isn’t, I find society reflecting the populace at large, and also sincere.

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The question is meaningless without details and corroborating evidence. Less thanks, more substantiation.

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Why do you assume the problem is only modern day?

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We aspire to be gods, we crave like dogs.
Humans have always tried to believe the power of our brains could overcome the lusty, carnivorous instincts we all have. Instant hypocrisy.

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@JLeslie That right there. GA. I don’t see how societies were any less hypocritical than they are today.

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I don’t think “modern society” is any more or any less hypocritical than any other society known to history. Hypocrisy is hypocrisy, and that’s that. I heard about a good example of corporate hypocrisy in this article.

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I blame Obama.

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It has always been as hypocritical.
Now, we just have a lot more video evidence.

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@hominid Some of us have wondered about that.

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