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What would be a good on line (FREE) web site to visit, to learn how to type?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (12943points) February 21st, 2014

Mrs Squeeky would like to learn how to type in her spare time, and would like to know if there are any free, safe, fun webs site she could go to learn from?

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You already can type. You typed this question, didn’t you?

Do you mean type with proper form?

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Presumably the Q was typed by Mr. Squeeky who is looking for a resource for Mrs. Squeeky.

Nowadays, its called “keyboarding” (go figure) and there are numerous resources.

The one below is available as a free 60 day trial and is a program for which school districts pay actual money. That’s the one I would go with first as I find it hard to imagine taking much longer than that.

But there are plenty of other free ones if she desires more practice and some even use fun games.

And here’s another one which has different skill levels.

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Thank you, @Buttonstc! I hope @SQUEEKY2 appreciates your reply as much as I do. I don’t need a typing program, but what I appreciate is that you took the time to share the kind of thoughtfully prepared and helpful info that keeps me coming back to Fluther.

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Well, about ten years ago or so when I first got onto the net, I was in the same position.

I was in desperate need of a refresher course (to combat the hunt-peck tendency) since I hadn’t really needed to use a typewriter since my college term papers.

I had originally learned touch typing back in high school but that was many moons ago and I didn’t want to continue my tendency toward sloppy hunt-peck typing.

But I basically resorted to repeatedly typing the old sentence I used in teaching handwriting to my third graders:

“the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs”

Since it contains every letter of the alphabet, using it repeatedly was enough to regain the muscle memory needed for touch-typing.

But nowadays, I’m basically back to hunt-peck (with one finger yet) on a teeny little iPhone screen :)

Ah, the circle of life…

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@Buttonstc Thank you so much, Mrs Squeeky needs to upgrade her typing,myself I will always be a hunt and peck type guy,

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You’re most welcome.

Has Mrs. Squeeky ever learned to touch type? If so, it really won’t take much time at all to get back the muscle memory. Its sort of like riding a bike in that the skill, tho dormant, remains and an entire typing course from square one may be a lot more than needed.

But in either case, one of those sites should work just fine. And she will eventually end up being a much faster typist than you (since that’s the whole purpose of learning touch-typing to begin with).

Remember, in the old-fashioned days, most women going into the workforce were secretaries (like in Mad Men) so typing speed was an important skill.

Nowadays, clearly not so much. Whatever floats your boat :) there are tons of old-time news guys like Jimmy Breslin, Morley Safer etc who are pretty speedy hunt-peckers:)

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