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What is another word for flirting?

Asked by Jody (53points) June 30th, 2008 from iPhone

Something more sophisticated

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Coquette is a woman who flirts.

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coquet, coquette, dally, dart, flick, fling, flip, gallivant, gibe, jest, make eyes at, mock, ogle, ogler, philander, play, spring, tease, throw, toss, toy, trifle, trifler, vamp, vixen

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what is another word for thesaurus?

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@beast; from your brain or borrowed? If so, attribution, please. The alphabetization makes me to wonder furiously.

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PnL; good answer. G

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Thesarus= Roget’s Large Book of Synonyms.

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Seduce (with the mind)
Come hither (look)
Romance (as a verb)

Of all the options I have seen here, I think of dally or court as the most elegant and sophisticated. Court to me implies a more serious intent though.

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Smirting. New word in Ireland since the smoking ban was introduced. People in bars have to go outside to smoke and this is where the smokers do the chatting up

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I love seduce :)

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Johnnyc299’s post suggest another: chatting up. Since all things British are hot right now, I am sure using that term would be seen as sophisticated.

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mackin, canoodle. Thats all I have.

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mackin’ is what I had. I used judochops spelling because I have never seen it in written word.

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How about “tuning”?

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I’ve never heard either “mackin” or “tuning.” Canoodling implies touching to me..Chatting up seems the closest. Romancing is more serious. And remember Jimmy Carter and what he said about lusting in his heart. Is that similar to seducing in one’s mind?

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gail- mackin’ is like hitting on someone, which i would say is a form of flirting.

I never heard tuning though.

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Tuning is used in Australia, or Tasmania at least, but mostly for when you’re texting or e-mailing or ringing or commenting on myspace or talking to on msn, rather than actually in person, so I suppose it’s not really a good one to replace “flirting” and it’s not very sophistocated, sorry.

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Instead of finding something out there that all ready exists, can we create a new word? . The challenge now is…what is a good word for people who flirt, who are playful, having fun, even being sexy and sexual, but are not really trying to get in bed with the other?

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