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What is the big difference from a GQ guy and a metrosexual?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26879points) January 11th, 2011

What is the big difference from a GQ guy and a metrosexual? The GQ guy was seen as cool, dashing, debonair with a sense of suave de vie. No one I know wants to be coined a meterosexual because they see them as being effeminate on top of just dressing to the 9s. What is the real difference? I bet even some GQ guys tan and get manicures.

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I don’t think I’ve ever paid enough attention to either type to notice a difference. My attention tends to be drawn to men with a little dirt under their nails, so to speak.

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How jumpy their friends are in terms of being perceived ‘effeminate’ (god forbid!) themselves. Otherwise, both terms are meaningless.

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Intent, since they both mean the same thing.

However, to be GQ is meant to be complimentary while metrosexual is more or less perceived as an insult.

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I think they are very similar. I personally don’t take metrosexual as being an insult, but I guess some people might. Part of it has to do with the man’s build I think. If he has very broad shoulders, and dresses well, he is likely to get GQ, but a more narrow build metrosexual I think. Also, I think GQ more associated with suits, a more formal style, while metrosexual I associate with a casual look, but not preppy. I also think metrosexual is used when a man fits a gay stereotype in how he dresses, but he is straight. Back in the day we used to say you can’t tell if a European man is gay or straight (I don’t know if people still say that) because they dressed well, cared about fashion.

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