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What are the benefits of Classical music?

Asked by AssyrianKing9 (178points) February 22nd, 2014

I just want to know the benefits of classic music, some people say it’s good for the brain.

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It’s good for me, because I like it.

Sometimes it calms my nerves, such as with The Taliesen Orchestra performing Enya’s The Memory of Trees, and other times it stimulates me emotionally, such as with Gustav Holst’s Jupiter. I don’t know (or care) about the science behind it. I just know what I like.

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As for the neurological benefits, I’d leave that to someone who is more well-versed in Neurology. But there are many benefits of listening to classical music. For example, it can make you appreciate and understand music better.

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Great to have sex by, i’m thinking of you Bo Derek.

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I love most classical music so it benefits my happiness!

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Classical helps me relax.
Jazz helps me think.

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It is the opposite of disturbing, which is more than enough right there. No need to run as fast as poosible and turn off the horror show that is presented as music sometimes.

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It’s difficult to tell you. But one of the wonders of great music is that the genre may not really matter. It’s a matter of exposure. Pick someone who’s REALLY into classical music. Ask them to play or recommend something for you. Then listen. If you don’t take to it, ask them what it is about the piece that led them to choose it, then LISTEN AGAIN.

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I literally grew up listening to WQXR – “The Radio Station of the New York Times”

I never liked “modern” classical – bang boom clang – that seems to have settled down and some film music has reached the level of some very good contemporary classical music.

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Thank you for all of your answers, I will keep listening to it then.

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