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Do your cats drive? (I know that some can type.)

Asked by gailcalled (54639points) June 30th, 2008

I lost Milo again this dusk, or thought I had. Imagine the usual scouring of woods, fields and gardens. Aha! He was sitting in the driver’s seat of my car, having squeezed thru a partially-opened window, and was clearly waiting for the keys.

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Is this a ploy to get someone to link to a Toonces video?

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Kev: It might be if I knew what you were talking about.

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Maybe he just sees you get in there so much that he was curious what you do there. I think he was either emulating you or trying to go with you to spend more time with you.

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My cat attempted to drive me insane. I miss her.

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Almost everyone around here has big dogs and pickup trucks. The dogs end up sitting in the driver’s seat also, when the owners aren’t there. It is funny to walk down our little main street and see all the labs, setters, retrievers behind the wheel.

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Hilarious; and not a moment too soon. I finally got DSL; another way to waste my time. How do you all have time to find this? Is there anything that is not on the net?

Where do I take Milo (who is dramatically better looking than Toonces) for his audition?

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@all(Try thanking yourself and see what happens.)

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@gail: Don’t mean to threadjack, but since you did it to yourself…LOL!

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Cats naturally gravitate to the seats of power!

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Will everyone please go do something else so I can get to bed.

@Bead- are you related to phoenyx?

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No, why do you ask? I am, however, in relations with someone you seem to have a really good banter with on here :-)

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and gail…you have DSL now. Congrats and no sleep for you ;-)

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@bead:I asked because I thought your remark about the threadjack (which I am guilty of often) referred to phoenyx’s clever comment.

And now I have to discover who your SO is? Knowing me, I will drive myself crazy with that also. Any teeny hints, please?

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LOL…I know it took so long…
tiny hint
Did that help?!

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@gail: Last threadjack (in this thread)…you must have missed this one!

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Hahahaha. Vincent does attempt this. When I drive in the driveway in the evening and open my door he’ll sometimes come running and leap in to my lap, all purring and drooling and headbonking. Its absurdly cute. I think he’s just trying to butter me up so I give him a chance at the wheel.

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Not after that D.U.I.!

Bela does help me change diapers, tho! He is a great big brother! We had to give our little kitten, Lily, to a good friend. She was stalking Avery in her bassinet! Mommy & Daddy wasn’t havin’ that!

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@phoenyx , good one! I thought about toonces as soon as I saw this question also! I can’t open your link at work, but I’m sure it’s hilarious.

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@Scamp; do not, I repeat, do not open that link at work – if you expect to keep your lovely job.

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Thanks to kevbo for the idea and to phoenyx for the link. Toonces was new to me. My husband and I both loved it. He sent it to the cat people at work.

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Thanks gail, but it was blocked by the corporate censors, so I will have to wait until I get home anyway. I appreciate the warning!

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