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When/if Fluther goes public, should it be business as usual?

Asked by BronxLens (1539points) June 30th, 2008

Or should the members be the first ones to get options to buy stock in it? If so, based on membership seniority? Other factors?

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A general free-for-all? FHB (family-hold-back)? The oldest member is first on line?

FHB is said at Jewish dinners, when there are guests. Parents hiss it at their kids.

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Fluther is a business. As a user, you reap your reward every day.

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I seriously doubt Fluther will ever go public. It will be bought out by somebody long before it is big enough for that.

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I agree with xyzzy… Fluther is much more likely to be acquired than to go public.

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i kind of agree with the last two, but if we get the opportunity to buy stock i want in and i have been on here for quite a while so i could selfishly say seniority wins : )

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You could always ask the owners by using the handy dandy contact button. They are the only ones who could really answer this question. The rest of us can only guess.

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Scamp, I asked if it ‘should be business as usual’, not if it was going to be, becuase I’m more interested in hearing out what the collective thinks, not what the owners ‘know’ ;)

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That’s fine. I just thought I would show you how to ask them if you wanted to get your answer first hand.

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The collective can demand whatever it likes. Fun but meaningless. I’d like a free digital camera when I hit 10,000 points. Jimmy the Greek says that the odds are not in my favor.

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Maybe when you hit 50,000 points. And make it a free starbuck’s coffee.

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