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Can I hire a gardner or farmer to help me set up a small veggie and fruit garden?

Asked by JLeslie (53685points) February 28th, 2014

I have a fantasy of having a small garden. I have a black thumb and really don’t know what I am doing. I want them to help me set it up and then check on it now and then or be available if the plants start to look bad. Would they advertise in a particular website or magazine? Do I just ask around? Is that a thing people do? Or, do home gardners just usually work on trial and error?

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Ask or PM me with any questions you might have about it. I have had a pretty productive garden for the past several years. Also, check with your U of M extension service.

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Any local garden center will help you. Stop in and chat with the manager and staff and ask for a rent-a-guy.

However, having a vegetable garden isn’t very complicated. Buy a few books at your book store. Digging and preparing the soil is easy but does require muscle and good soil amendations. Any strong teenager can do that for you, or you and your husband can rent a small roto-tiller.

Here’s an informative print-out from the U. Florida with specifics and suggested crop varieties.

Here’s a list of specific vegetables and berries to choose from in central Florida, with hyper-links for planting and growing details. If you want to plant fruit trees, that is a long-range project; your local nursery can advise you with that and do the initial heavy lifting.

You can easily do some pot containers also; it is kindergardening.


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Thanks to both of you. My house isn’t ready yet, so this is just in the thinking stage. I will keep your offer in mind @Yetanotheruser when I decide what I am going.

@gailcalled I would need some help with the lifting tilling since my accident left my shoulder and neck with some damage. I rather not push it too far. Once it is set up I think I could do the rest of the work. When you say garden center, I think of those as being flowers and bushes and not veggies and fruits. Am I wrong about that?

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@JLeslie Your county might have a cooperative extension office, but I’d be surprised if your state still funds it. This winter has been a bear here, and I’m so starved for anything green I’d help you out all you want. You need a small Mom and pop garden center for the best veggies and stuff, not the big chains. Let me know if you’re interested.

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@Adirondackwannabe Interested in flying you down?

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Large garden centers sell everything; annuals, perennials, vegetables, berry bushes and trees, including fruit and citrus trees suitable for the Tampa bay area.

Many people garden who do not do the tilling or digging. Weeding is a vital part of the process, however.

My sister has a magnificent vegetable garden and a small orchard.She is out there weeding, deadheading, and inspecting almost every day of the nice weather.

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This person seems to be exactly who you are looking for.

They’re a little preachy on the GMO bit, but they do maintenance schedules as well as custom garden design.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I just saved that link to my home screen. Thanks.

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Craigslist only keeps those randomized emails on file for 45 days, and that was posted 14 days ago, so you might want to email them for their info soon.

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Ok. Thanks. Maybe I will at minimum copy paste the info.

Edit: I just emailed him.

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You fly me down and I will be your gardener for the year and you can be my apprentice. I’ll get that black thumb green in a hurry.

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The year? You want to be away for a year? Now I really wish I had made a guest house rather than one biggish main house.

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Well, my family and s/o would object, but it’s f***ing cold here. How about I help you all year then we can see about the guest house. It’s really simple once you get the basics down. And it’s so good right out of the garden. Want to try?

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Sure, many good suggestions above. Yay, you have to share pictures this summer, do it, do it do it!

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