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Any jellies work in the claims department for auto insurance, or have had a claim themselves when they were injured?

Asked by JLeslie (55789points) February 28th, 2014

I just want to know if insurance companies usually do pay out what is fair when there is an injury, or do you need to have a lawyer to pressure the company to pay?

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I’ve had two car accidents that resulted in whiplash injury – neither of which were my fault. In the first, I chose to pursue it through the other driver’s insurance and that was a headache. In the second, I went through my insurance and figured I’d let them duke it out with the other in order to get reimbursed. However, in NJ, I have the option to let my personal health care coverage be responsible if I am in an accident which lowers my premiums. In both cases, everyone got paid – it was just a bigger hassle with the other person’s insurance than my own.

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I was having trouble with mine covering the simplest of doctors bills and after months of bills not getting paid I finally had to hire a personal injury atty and didn’t get one bill after that. I even got an unexpected settlement in the end after all bills were paid. They would have gotten off easier if they just paid the medical bills that I repeatedly gave them which was all I was really wanting. I was hit by an uninsured driver in the rear and so I had to sue my own insurance company and I had all this extra insurance which included covering me for uninsured driver and still I had to fight with them even after many many years of paying into them without one claim. Needless to say with my next vehicle I got a different insurance agency. So if you are having trouble with them covering things I would call an atty the sooner the better.

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Here in Kansas we have attorneys they take a percentage of whatever you’re awarded. If you aren’t awarded anything they don’t get paid. I’d go that route.

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I live in Ohio. In the early 90’s while taking me back to college we had a severe auto accident. My mom, the driver, was killed and because I had no seatbelt in the back I was thrown into the front window. I don’t know all of the details, because I was in a coma right after, but we had to sue the insurance company. Again, I DO NOT know the details, but we had to sue the company to get them to pay the benefits due to us.

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Insurance agents are the nicest people in the world. That’s because they’re trying to “help” you, and maybe they are. Then the claims folks are the devil’s own, and they will pull all kinds of tricks to avoid doing what they promised to do.

I’ve never understood this dynamic.

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