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Does anybody know what happened to Rarebear?

Asked by Buttonstc (27539points) March 5th, 2014 from iPhone

I tried to send him a link to a medical Q and got Neptune instead.

Anybody know what prompted this ?

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I’m told it’s because s/he didn’t want to be “respectful”. Not everyone agrees with this assessment, however.

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He left on his own accord.

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He didn’t want to be respectful?

In all these years I have never known him to be anything but respectful. As a matter of fact I’ve referred to him on a number of occasions when some of the atheists were disingenuously claiming that they had no idea how to be respectful to people when criticizing their ideas. I told them to just be like Rarebear.

Well he managed to do that ALWAYS. He always stuck up for his point of view. He described himself as a “hard atheist”. But he never adopted a supercilious tone when speaking with Theists. He was always respectful while holding fast to his principles. And if more of the atheists had acted like him, there wouldn’t be do much acrimony about it on this site.

So, its not making much sense to me that he didn’t want to be respectful.

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Doctors have a rough time here. I know a few that have left just because the medical advice being given was so horrible and it hurt them to see it.

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