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Are there any Republican politicians in your area who are waking up?

Asked by LadyMarissa (16124points) 2 weeks ago

Just as I was about to give up hope, Geoff Duncan who was our last Lt Governor here in GA has announced that he will vote for Biden come November. the GOP will never rebuild until we move on from the Trump era, leaving conservative (but not angry) Republicans like me no choice but to pull the lever for Biden. At the same time, we should work to elect GOP congressional majorities to block his second-term legislative agenda and provide a check and balance.
I realize that it’s only one person, but one can lead to two once it is said out loud. Any chance that you are hearing similar rumblings in your area?

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Not that I know of but with Republicans it’s like the weather. Today they hate Trump and tomorrow they are kissing the ring. You will hear more gripes from states where it tends to be bluer or lean purple. They all know that Trump makes their election harder if they aren’t in a solid red State. Those go all in from kissing the ring to kissing his butt. I’m sure many actually hate the man, but they rarely will say anything unless they think that opposing Trump would get them votes. Once or twice you have someone who would rather have their world burn than kiss up to Trump because they want sanity to rule. But for me to believe that, they have to be in a red state. I did find this.

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I really doubt that will happen in my state. I’m in Florida.

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Haven’t really heard yet what former Gov. Hogan have to say about trump-douche.

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I live in an area that is probably 60% Republican so I am doubting any Republicans here are going to come to their senses any time soon.

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Not waking up – - they are anti-LGBTQ+, anti women’s rights and full blown Tea-baggers.

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@Tropical_Willie You’re speaking about a minority. They just happen to be loud. I’m surrounded by the “other” type of Republicans. Very educated, pragmatic, and more on board with the left on social issues type. Let me tell you, it will not be a clean sweep for Trump like many think.

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AK Sen. Lisa Murkowski hasn’t been on the Trump train for a long time.

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@Blackwater_Park not minority GOP but front runners for Republican party.!

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@Pandora Thank you for the link. GA was considered a Red state in 2016 but Biden got the most votes, so maybe we’re a little purple now. I don’t trust ANY politician & I definitely DON’T trust Duncan, but it did sound good to hear him say it. I had a VERY brief second of hope before reality set back in!!!

@mazingerz88 Hogan is now denouncing 45 & endorsing no one.

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I live in a very red area of a very ble state. The GOP here are doubling down.

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@LadyMarissa Yeah, I agree. It’s often great to hear when a politician tries to stand up for sanity. This is how low the bar has gone for some of us.. Politicians don’t debate real issues that that can improve our daily lives anymore. Now it’s just about popularity and not about real substance. I appreciate the politicians who want to keep the circus out of government but it’s more than just about Trump, It’s the politicians who support the circus that are the problem. The ones that want chaos because they want to stay in power.

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Quite the opposite:

“Nebraska Democrat Mike McDonnell Switches to Republican Party, Boosting Trump’s Prospects.” 1 month ago

Course, this is in a state whose governor said to lawmakers that “Nebraskans don’t need federal rent assistance,” in Feb 2022. In March, lawmakers sent a message to Gov. Ricketts, voting 29–7 to advance a bill that could force him to apply for $120 million in federal rent assistance — something he has refused to do. Ricketts, a Republican, has argued that Nebraska has the nation’s lowest unemployment rate and doesn’t have enough demand to justify a request for money. In April 2022 Nebraska lawmakers failed to overrule Ricketts’ veto of a bill that would have forced him to apply for $120 million in federal pandemic rental assistance, leaving the state as the only one to flat-out refuse the aid.

Thank goodness he’s no longer gov. – he’s a senator. :(

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No. Like most addicts, they need to hit rock bottom first.

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Yeah. Even some here. They are still Republican but outspoken in their dislike of trump.


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@LadyMarissa yes, I saw that on the news. But one politician does not a trend make.

My congressional district is Georgia 9 – and our representative (Andrew Clyde) has AK47s on his campaign signs. Just what the world needs.

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You can’t wake what’s not here.
Massachusetts Republicans. LOL An oxymoron if ever there was.
All of the state’s U.S. representatives and senators are Democrats. Democrats also form the large majority of the state’s legislature, though the state has a history of electing Republican governors.

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I am from the swing state of PA, but not hearing anything like that. I don’t see any reason why Republicans should turn on Trump now if they had not done so in the past. It is a bit late to form a new Republican coalition to stop Trump.

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