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I've noticed the old Federated tab is gone. Does this mean Fluther is starting to get updates?

Asked by chyna (39865points) March 15th, 2014

For those that don’t know, the Federated tab was a beta test tab used to share some of our questions with another site. It has been disabled for years but left up in the tab area.
I’m wondering if this means we are now going to be able to get updates on Fluther?

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Whoa! Just noticed it is gone!

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Phi (not Pi) has been doing a little housekeeping. Don’t get your hopes up for big changes.

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I’m happy with housekeeping.

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Does he do windows (specifically mine)?

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@thorninmud Thank you for your efforts. You mods are amazing.

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You go, PhinotPi!

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Yes, it was a change I made earlier today. I am now able to make minor updates to the website.

I’ve also made a minor change to the feedback form which has significantly reduced the spam coming through from it.

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I don’t even understand what this means. haha

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@Coloma – There was an attempt to drive more traffic to Fluther through other sites a while back; and it never made it out of Beta testing, so only a small percentage of the collective had those pages visible.

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@hearkat Oh, I see, so us Alphas weren’t in the test que? lol

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@Coloma – You were just a wild-and-crazy new Jelly when it was happening. ;-)

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@hearkat I am all settled in and boring. hehe

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Not so you’d notice, nowt significant anyway.

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Also, if anyone spots some other small things which need to be fixed, feel free to PM me, and I’ll put it up for consideration. Broken links and similar bugs can be repaired easily.

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Is there anything you can do to enable us poor iPhone users to change our Avatar without having to use a computer?

I’d love to be able to put in a pic of Smoochie from the camera roll.

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