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What, according to your parents, were some sounds that you (dis)liked when you were a baby?

Asked by ucme (50047points) March 17th, 2014

We all know that babies can hear an awful lot of what’s going on in the big bad world while still in the womb, so long as it’s in close proximity to mommy.
Some of those sounds stimulate responses & kicks can be felt when music plays, when daddy talks, or the vacuum cleaner kicks in.
Did any of these sounds produce a familiar reaction in you once you were born?
Any other sounds/noises that you liked or were spooked over, as told by your folks.

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They never told me.

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^^ Well yeah, because jackals can’t speak as a rule.

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THEY WEREN’T JACKALS @ucme!!! Not real ones, anyway. Humph.

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I was never told that I didn’t like certain sounds. I’ll be following this Q.

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The only freak out because of sound ever discussed about me was when I was about two, and while in a car in San Francisco going to pick up my older brother and sister from school, fire engines were converging on the spot where we were, full on sirens and horns. I thought they were after us, and went into full on freak out. It is one of my earliest memories.

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When I was pregnant with my oldest daughter nearly 35 years ago I was kind of depressed and spent a lot of time watching TV. After she was born, whenever the theme music from the news came on she would whip her head around towards the TV in recognition. Even at a few weeks old. It was eerie.
My second daughter still freaks out about sounds. When she was young she would say, “to much moshie!”
I wish I would have been more sensitive to it when she was younger. She can not handle to much stimulus and to this day still shuts down when the noises get overwhelming.

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Same with my son @Judi, he would kick like crazy whenever the bloody Teletubbies music came on & it was his favourite show right from birth.

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The theme song to Dawson’s Creek. I still love it.

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But in utero I can’t recall anything off the top of my head.

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“utero” check out the big brain on @dxs

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I had very sensitive ears as a youngling, and loud noises of any kind caused me a bit of pain. It eased up as I got older, fortunately. I can’t think of any specific sounds I simply didn’t like, though.

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I’m thinking my mom must have listened to a lot of Russian metal about Vikings, because otherwise I can think of no explanation, haha.

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Oooh! I have a good one: I apparently hated the song Killing Me Softly covered by The Fugees. My older siblings would play it just to make little baby me cry.
I also hated loud music.

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My parents never told me about any sounds that I hated as a baby, and I can’t think of any that my daughter hated either. However she was born loving Meatloaf. I played “Bat out of Hell” to death whilst pregnant and after she was born I could play it to send her off to sleep (as long as it wasn’t too loud).

There was one sound that did give her a fright when she was about two though. She was playing with the dials and buttons on the stereo system; she must have turned it up to full volume whilst it was turned off, then she hit the power button and turned it on. On a scale of one to eleven that thing went up to about twenty. Scared the life out of her, and it was years before she touched it again.

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