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What's your favourite noise coming from a comic book speech bubble?

Asked by ucme (50047points) May 27th, 2014

Kerpoww Thwack Biff Kerrsplat Parrp…that kind of stuff.

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I haven’t read a comic book in years, but I loved the batman bubbles. ZOW! SONK! POW!

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^^ I’m 63% certain that’s the Syrian Defence minister’s name.

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I like the ones that are synonymous with a certain character.

See if you can match them:

A) ”Thwip
B) ”Snikt
C) ”Bamf


1) Nightcrawler
2) Wolverine
3) Spiderman

There are others I can’t remember at the moment.

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I don’t know, it was in Japanese.

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@cookieman Bamf is Nightcrawler, Thwip, Spiderman & well, only leaves one

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Coming from someone’s rear end.

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Snikt and Bamf.

Those are the classics.

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I like when they write what the noise is, rather than try to give it a sound through writing. Like if a girl screams, it will just be written SCREAM in the background. That way you can use your imagination. I may be wrong, but I think mangas first came up with this.

But my favorite comics ever are Conan the Barbarian, in which there is a lot of narration that describes what is going on, and noises are usually described in the narrative boxes. The only written things are dialogue. I like it this way, because when Conan swings his sword, you get a nice big image of him doing so, which is not hampered by some giant letters going SWIIIIIISH muthafucka!!! The noise the sword makes is described in the narration box, and then you get the full artwork in all its barbarous glory.

I’m a party pooper.

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I would love confirmation that “Heavy-Flo” is a real character.

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@ucme: ding, ding Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!

@Seek: BAMF Accompanied by the “stench of brimstone”.

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Zow Zonk Pow sounds like a N. Korean general or some obscure Chinese dish with chicken.

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“Ert!” That’s the sound of someone hitting a car’s brakes.

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