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Anyone else like this?

Asked by XOIIO (18118points) March 21st, 2014

Alright so I was curious if anyone else is like this. As you may know pretty much every day I am very depressed at least on some level, generally feeling crappy about myself, realizing many depressing things about my existence, etc.

Anyways, due to this, I pretty much need constant stimulus. Being left to my own thoughts never really ends up well, because of that I need to keep my mind busy, focusing on something else most of the time. Either music, or watching movies or tv shows, or playing games, pretty much every day, unless I actually have some electronics related stuff or things like my air cannon (which I can’t use until summer, grr).

So, is anyone else like this, needing lots of stimulus to keep your minds off things? How much. since I am out of work right now I pretty much just wake up, eat or do whatever, then hop on the computer, either listening to music or playing some type of game to keep myself busy, heck even this is part of it though I am listening to music as well since this question would no doubt start off that train of thought again.

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I am constrained by time right now, and hope to return to this question soon. But I believe you might have this backwards…

@XOIIO: “Anyways, due to this, I pretty much need constant stimulus. Being left to my own thoughts never really ends up well, because of that I need to keep my mind busy, focusing on something else most of the time.”

Is it possible that your suffering is a result of your need to be perpetually stimulated, lost in thought, or doing something?

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Have you ever looked into meditation (mindfulness meditation in particular)? There is a way – through the simple-but-challenging work of meditation – of being able to drop all of the inner chatter. Running from the torrent of thoughts (and the depression and anxiety that accompanies them) by trying to stay perpetually distracted doesn’t usually work. And in my experience, it only adds to the misery.

I recommend investigating basic mindfulness meditation. You could read an accessible book, such as Jon Kabat Zinn’s Whereever You Go, There You Are, and there are other great audio resources. If that’s your thing, feel free to PM me. I can hook you up.

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I find that many, if not most, people put a lot of effort into distracting themselves because they are unhappy in some way; so no, you are not alone. My ex and his family always had to have noise on – TV, radio, etc. My distraction was focusing on what was wrong with everyone else. The internet is another great distraction.

I’ve worked on the issues I’ve had from childhood abuse and bad decisions I’ve made, and now am more self-content, so I can sit and do nothing. I arrived early for a check-up last year, and I sat down in the waiting room and enjoyed the quiet, and the receptionist stood up and leaned out the window to let me know there were magazines on the table right beside me, as if I hadn’t seen them. She was made uneasy by me not distracting myself! My sweetie and I also seem out of place who we go out somewhere because we say very little to each other, besides, “Want a bite?” We have no use for chit-chat and it’s so noisy in most places you have to shout to be heard, so we don’t even bother, and we’re OK with it. Silence isn’t awkward at all, it is the humans who are awkward with it.

I agree with @hominid‘s suggestions above. Learning to be at peace within yourself makes a tremendous difference in how you deal with the external world. If you have mental health concerns, you might also consider counseling to help you work through those issues and for guidance in learning how to unload your baggage. Many of us on this site have been through a lot and found our own ways to cope, so you can always tap the collective, as you have here.

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I suggest you keep yourself busy with anything, like getting out and going to the library, walking a dog, running errands, working out, cleaning house, reading, whatever it takes to keep your hands and mind OFF of yourself.

Also helping others through volunteering can boost your self-esteem, self-respect and in general make you feel better about yourself. Even walking the neighborhood picking up litter is a small but effective way to benefit yourself and your community. :)

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I know for myself, the few times I have been out of work I tried to keep somewhat busy by doing at least something every day. Seeing friends, going out, volunteering, or in the house, organizing stuff, cleaning, making something (like curtains). That’s what works for me. Even recently, when stuck in due to snow or something, I am not good if I am home more than one day.

When I talked about being out of work, that was pre-computer days. Now, I could see myself being on computer a lot, which is not good, either physically because it’s sedentary, or mentally, because although time flies on the computer, I also consider it a waste of time.

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Sounds like you’re simply existing rather than living a full & satisfactory life.
Time to give serious consideration for life changing alteration of bad habits.

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yes. this is very close to my life as well.

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Beer for me lol.

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Similar boat, If I have time to sit around by myself I’ll immediately start dwelling on things which just sucks the life right out of me. Hence why I keep myself busy with jobs and school for the most part. However, those times I have alone to myself also act as a constant reminder and a way to tighten up my leash to help keep myself in line and the monsters at bay.

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Though I may grow faint or weary at times, I get to a Bible study or go seeking someone else I can do good for to bring Him glory, I find the day has passed and I did not have time to think about how bad I feel I had it.

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