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Does your cat , not dog, act excited when you return home?

Asked by Aster (18313points) March 22nd, 2014

I saw videos where dogs go crazy when their owner gets home=even after a couple hours. I know mine do.
How about cats? Do any of them even acknowledge your return after two hours or two months?

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Mine do, especially my black one. My wife is often relieved not so much by me getting home safely, but by my return getting the cats to stop meowing for me at the top of their lungs.

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Milo always shows up when I return home, his tail erect with the quesion mark shape at the end. I can’t tell whether he is ecstatic or mildly pleased to see me but he is there. If the day is nice and the doors open, he greets my car when it stops.

He rubs my legs and does a figure eight around them to mark me, checks out his food bowl and then mysteriously disappears again.

Even when we are in the house together, he never lets too long go by without checking to see where I am.

Milo also investigates (briefoy) out any visitors and any vehicle, even the guy who reads the gas meter. They are, by nature, curious and sociable (at least some of them).

I occasionally take care of my neighbors’ cat Teddy when they are away. Teddy is old, fat and bored. I almost never even get a glimpse of him even when I am refilling the food bowl.

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Except when he’s asleep upstairs, my cat is always waiting for me at the back door. He hears my car when I pull into the garage and thinks—no matter when I come home—that it’s his dinnertime.

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^^ Or simply checking that the food distributor is alive and well. My cat usually has some food in his bowl, being a self-regulator and not a compulsive eater, and still shows up when I do.

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When we arrived home our Milo would come trotting across the street from where ever he’d been to greet us. Not with the kind of excitement the dogs displayed, but he’d bide his time then quietly demand his fair share of attention.

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Yes, my 2 cats watch for my car from the living room window and race to the door when I arrive home. My old goose Marwyn used to start shrieking when he heard my car ⅓rd of a mile away at my mailbox. The neighbors always laughed and told me they could always tell when I was on my way home from his calling.

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These dogs only care about one person who lives here. When she’s gone they mope until she gets home. Then they freak out.
When she’s in the shower, they mope outside the bathroom door. Hah
And when I come home my cat brushes up against my leg, usually. And he insists on being in the same room with me at all times.

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Only if the food bowl is empty.

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They come out to greet us fairly often; I wouldn’t say they’re “excited”, though.

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My daughter started college and comes home most weekends, both our cats go nuts when she returns home. On the weekends she stays at school, they crave extra attention from both my husband and I, almost too much to take sometime. I think it’s because they miss her and need us to fill-in the love she gives them.

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My dog gets so excited that he likes to hop into my arms and for me to hold him even when I’ve been gone a few minutes. Its so cute he jumps onto the bar height chairs and then jumps into my arms for a big hug. My trainer wouldn’t like that I let him do it but I think its nice that he loves me so much he needs to be in my arms when I get home.

My cat used to greet me at the door for a pat on the head before we got the dog, but now he sits on one of the steps of the stairs and I pat him as I walk by.

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She couldn’t care less, as long as there’s food in her bowl. The dog, on the other hand, won’t leave you alone until you lay on the couch so she can jump on you and attempt to lick your face off.

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