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What can I do to bring Youtube back to my computer?

Asked by mazingerz88 (24959points) March 22nd, 2014

I can’t play any Youtube videos. It says upgrade to the latest Adobe Flash but my MAC OSX is 10.5.8 version and Adobe only updates to 10.8 or 10.9 higher OSX.

Is there a way to go around this-? Thanks.

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Mine did the same thing I cured it by simply rebooting it,shut it right down wait a few minutes and fire it back up see if that works, it did for me.

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You could see if switching youtube over to the HTML5 player will help.

And is there any practical reason why you haven’t upgraded yet? You are no longer receiving security updates. If your computer supports it at least go to 10.6.8.

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@johnpowell I haven’t upgraded because I don’t know how and it never occurred to me until now. Does it cost money to upgrade-? No idea really. Sorry. I suck I know. : (

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The upgrade to 10.6 is 29 bucks. From there you can upgrade from 10.6 to 10.9 for free.

This is messier then it should be.

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@johnpowell Thank you so much-! :)

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I actually have the 10.6 DVD sitting in a box somewhere. I no longer have a use for it. If you want I can send it your way. Someone might as well be using it. It is pretty simple. You insert the DVD and it reboots the computer and it upgrades the computer. No data is lost and everything is pretty much exactly how it was before.

10.6 was a odd update for Apple. They pretty much said that there will be no major changes or features. All the stuff they did was cleaning up the shit you should never see. It is significantly faster and better at power management.

If you are in the USA I would happily ship off the DVD to you. Just send me a PM with where to send it.

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@johnpowell Yohooo-!!! Thank you thank you-! I was just at an Apple store inquiring about it.
: )

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