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How do you feel about people advertising/pushing their own businesses on their facebook page?

Asked by trailsillustrated (16352points) March 24th, 2014

Like their home business, posts about their latest seminar, classes, their webstore connected to their facebook page, posts about their newest and exciting cds, offers, selling their product. Do you think they should make a new facebook page for their business entity?

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It’s fine by me.

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No problem. Getting your advertising/signage seen is difficult, so you need to place an ad/sign anywhere it can be seen for the best price and views.

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At least face book is useful for that, it’s really otherwise a complete waste of space.

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It doesn’t bother me. Would it be prudent to make a separate page for their business? Probably. Then they can advertise to people they aren’t willing to add to their personal page’s friend list and ask their friends to like it for updates. But not all businesses are at that point right away, and some business endeavors might be bigger news to one’s personal friends than others.

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My “friends” who are real estate agents are the worst at posting business from their personal Facebook accounts. I am not a fan of this behavior. I think they should get a business page to do this from.

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I have had only one that went too far and posted so much and waaaay too many times, otherwise, I have no problem with it. (partly, because I do it a bit myself with my soap et. al.)

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Fine. The business I work for has it’s own business page which I help to run and I will sometimes share stuff from there onto my own page. It’s another way of getting potential business so I fully expect people to use social media to advertise. Quite often I will find our business page gets more ‘likes’ after myself or colleague have shared info from that page to our personal accounts. It helps reach out to a different audience and when you have a small business you need all the exposure you can get!

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Why are you friending or liking or visiting the page of people trying to sell you crap? Are they sending you free bags of Skittles?

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@johnpowell I have some close friends, or friends I’ve reconnected with, that post their business stuff on their fb page, one posts nothing but that, I’ve not unfriended them, just unfollowed them. One friend was asking me how to go about it and I told her to create a page for her business entity and sell from there.

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