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Where did the word "lurve" come from?

Asked by lefteh (9414points) July 1st, 2008

How did this word come into use as the label for Fluther’s point system?

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Last I knew it was just a cute way of spelling “love.” As in, “I LUUUUURVE MR. RODGERS!!1”

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Yeah, that much I know. It’s been floating around the internet for years. But how/why was it integrated into Fluther?

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british pronunciation of “love”?

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“Love is too weak a word for what I feel —
I lurve you…”

-Woody Allen

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Thanks, JP/beast. I didn’t think to check the blog.

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Before the chat rooms name was changed to Watering Hole it was called Jelly Lurve and this predated the lurve feature on the site. Just some fluther history.

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@jacksonRice: It isn’t anything like the way in which we pronounce ‘love’!

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@jacksonRice: if it sounds weird, it must be British!


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@richardHenry… I think @jacksonRice must’ve meant New Jersey.

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Impossible. They ignore the letter r.

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@lefteh we do?

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I’m referring to the stereotypical pronunciation of words and phrases such as New Jersey with a Jersey accent (New Joy-zee).

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OHHH see now, thats north jersey. I try to imagine they’re a different state all together. ^_^

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Ahhh, I see. I never knew the accent differed so much from the north end to the south end. Interesting!

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Noyth New Joysey, right?

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I blame 4chan. Every time there’s something overly cute and internet bound it always seems to have roots there. When in doubt…

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