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Can anyone recommend a movie where Satan is the good guy (as he should)?

Asked by ragingloli (41619points) March 29th, 2014

I would like to see a, for lack of a better term, realistic portrayal of this first and original freedom fighter.

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Do you consider Obama a good guy? Probably not, knowing you.

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Witches of Eastwick least the devil empowers women and brings humor. I don’t think I’d call him a ‘good guy’ in the film, but he’s not portrayed as only evil…more mischievous and manipulative than the typical movie scenario.

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Triumph of the Will by Leni Riefenstahl.

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Hitler was not Satan, he was on the other side, the evil of christianity.

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Oh God, You Devil – Third in the George Burns series. God and the devil are friends, and play cards together.
Little Nicky – Adam Sandler. He’s friends with Ozzy, soooo.

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@ragingloli That’s how Satan works, he seems to be on the side of the religious, and sways them to his evil ends.

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Only one movie where the devil is a woman and working WITH god; Bedazzled

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In Little Nicky.

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If you ever find one, let me know. :/

And I still hope Oklahoma gets that Baphomet statue they’re gunning for. (or were, no idea on the status of that story as of now)

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South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. There’s an interesting scene of a sensitive Satan in Bed with his lover Saddam Hussein.

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Oh yeah haha, I remember that.

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Not Satan, but Spawn is the most awesomely dark movie I know. With the all-time best clown.

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I remember a Star Trek cartoon where humankind was being judged and was going to be destroyed. They decided that humanity was worth saving when Kirk was able to forgive Lucifer.

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Anything starring Tom Cruise.

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@ibstubro Good call on Spawn. In my opinion the movie is pretty bad, but the comic books are great, as is the animated series.

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The Devil’s Advocate, kind of. He’s still the villain, but makes an interesting speech where you could can see where he’s coming from.

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@Symbeline The movie is horrible, but I love it so much at the same time. I think it’s mostly because it came out when I was young so I was able to look past all the shittiness and now it’s mostly a nostalgia thing.

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@ragingloli , I am curious why you think of Satan as being good. One interpretation of Genesis has the serpent as being Satan in disguise. In this view, Satan’s role in giving man knowledge has an analog with the story of Prometheus in Greek mythology. Is this what you have in mind?

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@LostInParadise “Satan is primarily understood as an “accuser” or “adversary” in the Hebrew Bible, and is not necessarily the personification of evil that he would become in later Abrahamic religions.” (see) This is how Satan is depicted in the Book of Job. However, I am not aware of a movie that presents him this way.

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Not a movie, but I know you like anime – try The Devil is a Part-Timer.

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@Bill1939: Jews must need to tighten their control of Hollywood! :-O

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The Devil in the awesome 1943 movie Heaven Can Wait was quite the symphatetic character.

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Not a movie, but a Mark Twain book called ‘Letters from the Earth.’ Yes. Mark Twain. It is on my top 5.

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