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What is your favorite unoaked chardonnay?

Asked by tedibear (19267points) March 30th, 2014

I prefer unoaked chardonnay and am looking for new ones to try. What do you recommend?

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If I recommend lestoil are you going to kick me in the groin? I don’t like chardonnay. It’s too heavy.

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Toad Hollow is definitely worth a shot at only $12—$14 a bottle. And the price isn’t even the best part!

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@GloPro – Thank you. I will look for that.

@Adirondackwannabe – I would never kick you anywhere! How could I kick someone who sent me that gorgeous picture of the lake?

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I was just feeling guilty for sending you that answer and doing some research on chardonnays. Let me see what I can find.
Glad you liked the pic. It always lifts my mood.

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No guilt allowed! I was amused by it. :-)

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@tedibear Now I looked into it and you’ve got my interest going. I see the Toad Hollow one there, plus some others. It might be the oak flavor that put me off before.

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Nah, unoaked are steel barrel, bringing the fruit flavor to the wine, not the smoked wood, vanilla, butter flavors.
Typically, and I know you did your research, these make wonderful warm weather chards. Citrus, grass, crisper, cleaner flavors. Not as heavy, if that makes sense.

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Ones aged in stainless steel.

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None. I can’t stand the stuff. I’m lacking in sophistication.

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