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Can you help me with this Netflix issue?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36037points) March 30th, 2014

My husband has a Toshiba tablet. I have a Netflix account, which I set up on my desk top. I’m signed up to allow viewing on two screens at a time.
We’ve watched at least 5 movies in the last month, via Netflix via his tablet hooked up to the TV. Just last night we watched “Flight.” Well, today, every time we try to play a movie, it comes up with a page that says “To watch instantly, you’ll need a computer that meets the following minimum requirements,” then it lists the system requirements. It will load a movie on my desk top just fine, but it won’t load the movie on the tablet. We haven’t changed anything. What’s up with that?

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Maybe the show you are watching takes too much disk space?

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No. We were able to watch “Flight” last night, and tonight it won’t load.

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@Dutchess_III Did you exceed your data limit?

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Are you sure you’re using the Netflix app and not trying to stream Netflix in Chrome?

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OK….there are two browsers on his tablet. One is Chrome, the other is just this blue, earthy-looking thing that says “Browser.” We can’t download from either of them, but we could yesterday. I’m thinking that we used Chrome.

@talljasperman There isn’t a data limit.

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On his tablet we’re logged into the Netflix account.

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@hominid You nailed it! Don’t know what the hell we’ve been doing before but Rick just went into his apps and found the Netflix app, so we’re good.
It’s stupid though. Last night, and all the other times, we just went to Netflixed and clicked on the movie and it played.

Well, now we know. You guys are awesome. Even you Trop Willie, even though I have no idea what you’re saying cuz I can’t see it yet!

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Do you have an issue with the WiFi?
Check the speed with “”, go to the App Store and dowload.

You’re the greatest Dutch !

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