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Anybody remembers a movie where people died when falling asleep?

Asked by manuel_alarcon (299points) March 31st, 2014

Hi, I always watched a lot of movies, even when I was too little to remember them, and in a movie I saw when I was a child, I remember a virus that killed people when they fall asleep, the final scene of the movie was the last man alive struggling to keep awake, and died in a scream. anybody remembers that one?

Other movie I remember was one with an island of women dressed in black leather, kind of james bond girls, and then a guy comes,... in the end the island explodes and all the girls die. My mom always laughs when tells me I cried for the ladies dying…

The one movie I always remember the final scene was when Columbo catches a guy when he sneezes, and he realizes he was the thief. Well, it wasn’t Columbo, it was Taking of Pelham 123.

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Creepy, I was just thinking about this very obscure movie. They were in like a train station and the virus got out when one of them broke into a train car. It spread by touch and when they would fall asleep their heads would basically explode. I think it was called the alpha incident.

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The body snatchers?

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full film Looks like it’s pretty crummy. Funny how you remember things differently when you are young.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me well, it might be, Ill watch it, Thanks!

By the way, I remember another movie: a guy is an alien, and he decides to reveal himself to a girl, saying “don’t be afraid, i’m from a superior extraterrestrial race” and stuff, and reveals his face and the dude has a coconut for a head, and the girl starts to laugh…

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@manuel_alarcon I hope your taste in movies has improved over the years. :-)

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It’s kind of subtle, but From Hell has one scene that is kind of fit the bill. It’s the last scene when Inspector Abberline died after having a vision of Mary Kelly.

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@manuel_alarcon The only movie that comes to my mind is the Nightmare on Elm Street movies with Freddy Kruger. The teenagers would fall asleep and he would go into their dreams and try and kill them. I hate these movies now. They scare me so much, I don’t like to be alone at night.

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@SnoopyGirl That movie is that scary?

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@Mimishu1995 To me it was. Freddy Krueger was burned all over his face and he had these knives for fingers that he would scrape along the walls. I’m getting the chills thinking about it.

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@chyna well, those were the movies I watched when I was a little kid in national tv here in Chile. And I just remember images or scenes, so now Im looking for those movies because I dreamt about one image the other night. And now that I think of it, I don’t understand how the people in charge of programming had their jobs in the first place. And where did those people got those movies from?? amazing.

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