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Just how tuff is your iPhone?

Asked by Hollister0221 (502points) July 2nd, 2008 from iPhone

I dropped mine twice. Still ticking and the tempered glass is just tough as hell. What u think?

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same thing here, dropped it a few times but it runs perfectly and there are not scratches on the screen. a few on the back but whatever. im interested to see how tough the plastic on the 3G back is

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yea I have the few scratches on the back but what the hell. I refuse to put one of those cases around my phone even though I just put the plastic protection screen cover I bought at apple(totally recommend) keeps me from constantly wipping my screen. LOL. Plus I like the elegance of the phone so why cover it. I guess its a matter of choice

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Mine’s fucked. I bought my iPhone the first day they were available, I was 3rd in line and was one of the first people in the world to purchase one (came out here on the east coast first) Now I’ve dropped it half a trillion times by now. The back plastic cover came off, looks like a cat gnawed on the damn thing, screen is completely shot as of 2 days ago, warranty is up as of the 29th.

Thank god for July 11th. Going to be one of the first people in that line too ;) 16GB white here I come!

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Real tough. I drop mine a couple times on average and I have never had one problem. I do have a screen protector as well, but no case. Cases are dumb. Mine is scratched all to hell on the back, but that part is always against my hand so I’m col with it. My roommate on the other hand, drops his on occasion and has had quite a few problems. Maybe I’m just a skilled dropper. Who knows? Yes, I’m knocking on wood now.

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@crunch. What happen bro?

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Read above.

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My friend was filling his car up with gas and forgot he left his iPhone on the trunk of his car. He got on the highway and realized his iPhone was missing so he turned around and went looking for it at the gas station, he couldn’t find it so he gave up after a while and when he got on the highway he saw a glimmering object off to the side and immediately pulled over. While he was waiting to run across to get it, an eighteen wheeler barreled over his iPhone! He thought it would be a mangled piece of junk but when he picked it up it still worked! Here are some pics and the full story.

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Oh lord my is terrible, but still working. It has gone through multiple drunken nights, and a few accidental drops. It’s still kicking though. Most of you may think cases are lame but it does help alot.

@xxporkxsodaxx; That is incredible.

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@randy. What is your roomates phone doing? @crunch. Dude, I mean there is a certain limit to toughness. I mean physical abuse, what do u expect? I hope u treat your new one better this time

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I dropped mine maybe three times( got it first day also) once from six feet onto blacktop. And it bounced 14 feet facedown across the parking lot. Still works perfect, one little dent on the bottom by the speaker.

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I actually kicked mine across a parking lot one night because I was drunk and am an idiot. Anyways, like I said, I haven’t put a case on mine and although it’s not pretty anymore, I’ve never had a trouble out of it.

My roommates quit ringing and vibrating when he dropped it and his has actually dented so bad that he had to hammer the dent back into place. This was after he got it replaced because some rain caused water damage. There is also a spot in the middle of his screen that won’t respond to touch anymore. It’s right where you type in the URL in safari so his internet usage is out the window sense then.

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well if there is any lesson here, we know the damn thing is tough when it comes to falls and all. But dammit don’t get it wet! Water and electronics don’t mix!!

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@pork. Great link. Man now I don’t feel so bad about the few little drops I made. LOL

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Mine is so “tuff” that it can auto-correct me if I ever spell tough wrong.

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Same thing started off with mine. Except the bottom of the touchscreen stopped working first, then the whole thing went.

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seriously, are they any tests or studyies out there that have compared phones through brutal tests including the iPhone?

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There was a video I remember watching, a guy tests the iPhone by scratching it and putting it in his pocket with keys. It was painful to watch, let me go hunt it down.

That didn’t take long, watch the tool from PC WORLD.

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