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I am trying to develop my luchador mask/personality, any suggestions?

Asked by Blondesjon (33658points) April 3rd, 2014

For those not familiar with lucha libre follow the link and read some tags.

For those of you that know what it is, shame on you.

and me

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Beer theme.

Pale Ale Man?

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Too bad StrongBad is taken.

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@Seek You win. The imagery that brought to mind was just perfect lol.

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@ibstubro . . . Esto es excepcional.

@Mimishu1995 . . . One of my favorites from when my boys were younger.

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@Blondesjon I like that cartoon too :)

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@Blondesjon Lo siento, no era tan bueno con la personalidad!

Aún tratando.

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All black with white (or red) eye brows and mustache.

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Mask: Beer bottle labels stuck together with drunken spit.
Personality/name: Got to reflect what your purpose is…Elmidlifecrisisio

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To keep the Spanish language theme going… El Cervezo pálido? (The pale ale?)

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