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Help me with some birthday gift idea for my 2 year old son!

Asked by pleiades (6571points) April 3rd, 2014

Okie dokie so the big little guy is turning 2! On none other than 4/20 (hehe I know!)

Some ideas I have to get him are…

-Loads of Eye Witness Science books
-Stand up art easel with crayons

I’m not too sure what else would be cool for a 2 year old… Ok that is a lie, I have other ideas but what you heard about lately? Or what would you recommend from the old school?

Thanks a bunch Flutherians!

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When my son turned 2, we got him a handful of Hot Wheels cars and a rug with a road map on it. Grand total: $30.

Still has all of it, too.

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When I was a kid I looked for money in the envelope… $20 would do nicely.

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My grandson played with his wooden Thomas the Tank Engine trains and tracks from when he was 18 months to almost 5.

The Fisher Price fire house, farm or garage are really neat toys too as is Duplo for building.

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Two is the right time to get a toy chest. Teaches him to put the toys away after playing. Duplo bricks are good. Hats and dress-up are good too.

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Cardboard boxes.

I am not joking.

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2nd boxes.

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3rd boxes and crayons and bubble wrap. I played inside a big box and pretended it was a space ship. I drew the knobs and had hours of fun. I would do it know but I have my own apartment and I am playing house. For real.

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Any super cool picture books to read with him, like the Eye witness books, yes!
For sure crayons, and how about sidewalk chalk? It washes off easily.
Rubber dinosaurs and dinosaur books too. I was big on science/ nature and art stuff with my daughter.
A set of zoo animals to teach him the names of all animals is cool too.

My daughter is 26 now and still razzes me about a video when she was about 2–3 having her name off all her plastic zoo animals. Me: ” and what’s that?”
She: ” a monkey!” Me: “no honey, an Orangutan.” lol
Seriously, she could name about 20 animals at age two.

A love of nature and fostering curiosity are the greatest gifts you can give a child.
I’d stay away from the drum set just yet. haha

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I observed both my boys at that age gravitate towards a toy/stuffed animal they could call their own, hug, play with and sleep with. A child that age is quickly realizing the world around him is ever changing and a toy that doesn’t change, or break that they can have by their side 24/7 is indispensable to them.

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Does anyone actually remember their 2nd birthday?

Didn’t think so…

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@Silence04 Of course not, haha…but…the point is stimulating gifts for his bulging little brain.

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I like cardboard boxes too, and some paint, crayons or markers to decorate the fort he turns the big boxes into. You can cut him out a door.

Since you seem art oriented with the easel idea, you could also consider buying him some sort of portfolio for his artwork, so you don’t have to have it posted all over the house. Although, I like seeing some artwork hanging on the fridge and on walls. It will help him learn to put things away and organize and he can bring it out when grandma visits and show her what he has created.

I second Thomas the Train and the cars if he is seems to like that sort of thing. Even a remote control car. My neice and nephew loved the battery operated puppy I bought them. It did a flip in the air and landed on it’s feet. They got a thrill out of that for a few years when they would pull it out to play with, but trains and cars can keep some kids busy for hours at a time.

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I’ve always gone for books from an early age. At that age anything with bright colors would be good.

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I haven’t met a two year old boy yet that doesn’t like cars, trucks and fire engines.

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I just remembered my nephew was overcome with glee when he received a tool table sort of thing at that age. It was plastic, bright primary colors, and it was a “table” with some holes in it, with a fake hammer, screw driver, etc. The table had places for all the tools. He really liked it partly, because his dad worked with tools, so it was like dad.

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What does he like? I recommend crayons, tools play set, picture books, flash cards, toy cars, action figures.

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