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Do dreams really signify something?

Asked by kimchi (1432points) April 6th, 2014

I had a dream where I was in the hospital sitting down on a chair. I had stomach surgery on the lower left of my stomach and my doctor was saying that I had a stomach cyst (it doesn’t even exist, I don’t know why that came up in my dream), and my mom was yelling at the doctor because she thought the surgery wasn’t needed. I was scared to look at my own surgery cut, and I didn’t even look at it or touch it. Then my dream shifted. I was in school, changing in the girl’s bathroom. I accidentally put on shorts instead of jeans and went like that for the whole day. I begged my teachers to let me go in the locker room again to change into jeans, but they refused, and yelled at me. I really want to know what this means!

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Examine the emotions you felt on awakening and not the vusuals, which could have been triggered by almost anything.

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Health issues and hospitalization, and dissatisfaction with change (clothing) are both representative in dream symbolism of death.

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The specifics of a dream don’t signify anything. What is significant is your reaction to the dream when you wake up. And even that is not overly significant unless you want it to be.

Too many dreams are wishful thinking.

I rarely remember dreams, so when I do, I think about it a bit more than just the random thoughts that run through one’s mind in a given day. Usually, though, my reaction is “that’s weird.”

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I dreamed about wild flowers last night…either wishing for spring or eating that bagel at 1:30 AM before I finally turned the light out.

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Sometimes, dreams occur because of something that’s been on our minds or something that we’ve thought of out of the blue (a person, job, place). Things that occur in a dream are not solutions, so think of them as nothing other than your mind going on a journey while you sleep.

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Sometimes it just stress, or eating spicy food before bedtime. Dreams don’t mean anything. We dream about all sorts of things known, unknown, and imagined. The older I get, the more nightmares I have. Didn’t have them when I was younger. I attribute it to a change in hormones.

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If I’m really stressing about something it will sometimes show itself in some derivative in my dreams, but for the most part no, my dreams don’t usually mean anything.

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Anyways you asked, “Do dreams really signify something?” Does reality really signify anything? :)

Take from whatever it is what you will as long as you are not hurting anyone!

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Yes, but you can’t take them literally. To understand them, or at least try to, you must “read between the lines.” Dreams are a part of the brain’s sorting out the things it wants to remember.

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Sometimes they mean a great deal, sometimes not much, but in my opinion, they’re always worth examining. @kimchi, you might want to do a search on Fluther on this topic. It’s been discussed many, many time and you’ll find lots of great answers, including some from me. ;-)

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Dreams sometimes reflect the person’s fears or hopes. I do not support rigid systems of dream interpretations such as those advocated by some famous psychoanalysts.

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They tell us we are sleeping & our minds are eagerly looking for stimulation, although rested.

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Dreams signify a bored brain.

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I’ve had some pretty disturbing dreams. Sometimes I wonder if deep down inside I’m not the person I think I am. A lot of my dreams involve doing something really morally apprehensive which I would never do in my life.

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