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A specific type of oddball?

Asked by rory (1392points) April 10th, 2014

This is going to be really hard for me to put words to, so bear with me. A few friends of mine and I have a word for the specific type of people we are. We call ourselves birds. I don’t remember how the term originated, because it has nothing to do with actual, physical birds.

Birds usually recognize another bird when we meet one. We have a specific way of seeing things, maybe it’s that our perceptions of reality are a bit blurry around the edges. We’ll all notice things at the same time as each other that other people seem not to, shifts in the color of the air, pressing fear we can’t pinpoint the origin of.

We have very visceral reactions to things and can get lost in our surroundings. Last night one friend of mine who is a bird and I were sitting in her dorm room. I said, “everything is a kind of vertical oval, and things are a slight brownish green tint.” As soon as I said it, she nodded and said, “It’s getting worse.” And it was. And it ended for us at the same time, went back to normal.

People around us when things like this happen think we’re crazy, and maybe we are, but the thing is that it’s not a kind of insanity that can be categorized, as far as I can tell, into one mental illness, and we all experience the same things when we are together.

In my experience, birds aren’t linked to any particular demographic. I’ve known birds of all races, genders, and ages. To my knowledge, people are born birds and remain them.

What on earth does this come from? Does anyone here know what I mean? I don’t even know how to research this, because it’s so hard to put words to.

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Rare birds are lucky to flock up with other rare birds. I think what you are, most likely, referring to, is a particular personality trait/ brain stack traits. Read up on Meyers/Briggs and Enneagram personality theory. Intuitive perceiving types are very much prone to making a lot of random connections that escape most other personality types.

If you are lucky enough to be friends with these rare birds that think the way you do, and assimilate sensory input in the same manner, are able to intuitively make the connections you are making, count yourself lucky.
I am a 54 yr. old, female ENTP, extroverted,intuitive, thinking, perceiving brain functions.
Only 3% of the population have this particular personality type, and out of that only 1% are females. I have only had 2 friends in my entire life that were able to relate to me on a level I found satisfying and gratifying.

I am used to always having to dumb myself down, for lack of a better term, with most others. Few can rise to my level of wit, intuition, humor, intellect.
It is hard to find your tribe when you are a Scarlet Macaw flying with a majority of Pigeons. lol

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Sometimes we just meet people we click with, they “get us”. In can be freaky, it seems to get rarer the older you get.

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This reminds me of The Celestine Prophecy
It sounds like you are meeting people that also see and sense auras. I believe people in tune with these sensory perceptions are rare. Congratulations for finding a group of birds.

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Perhaps it is as @GloPro said, you are seeing auras and recognize each other through similar patterns. Then again, maybe it is just the drugs. Again.

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Whatever these peculiar abilities might be, have you considered gathering the group of you who possess them with a goal of finding a practical use for your talents?

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I think many people are there who feel like this in one way or the other. They feel they do not belong to this planet or they are totally different from others. Most of them don’t open up because others may say they are crazy. Like what Coloma said you are lucky if you find people who have the same approach like yours. In most cases such individuals tend to become introverted individuals because of many social issues.
Others may not understand their perspective and that leaves such people often feeling disconnected and alone or lonely.
It’s wonderful when you stand out from the crowd, so better go your own way, and set your own standards. Just enjoy life and celebrate all the wonderful diversity of human race.

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I am an outlier, a rare bird to use your term. I too, find it difficult to find friends who think about and talk about the things that interest me. My perspective on spirituality seems irrelevant, if not heretical, to most people I know. Embrace your uniqueness. It reflects a special type of mind that you were born with. You may find that this is a gift that will allow you to serve others in ways that few others can.

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The first thing I would do in your situation is try experimentation. Instead of waiting until someone says “the air is redder than usual”, have them write it down. Maybe they’ll then say “something is up with the air” and you should then write your observations about it, and compare. If you sense a “feeling” in the air, write down the time that it hit you and record as many specific observations as you can. Expand your testing practices, and compare notes, looking for similarities and differences in the perceptions of you and your friends when you aren’t taking your cues from each other.

I think it’s important to acknowledge the power of group thinking, even without underlying mental illness. It’s easy for those who feel like outsiders to recognize each other and come together. Occasionally, these groups will begin to create a belief system for themselves. “We’re different” can easily transform into “we’re magic” in a group that doesn’t accept or understand dissenting opinions. Beliefs can be held dear, and can make unhappy people feel happy or function better in society, but belief is different than truth. If you’re truly interested in the truth, actively seek it.

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