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Care to speculate on what "Bum Toys" are?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36582points) April 11th, 2014

Our local adult store is advertising 15 percent off on bum toys. Any ideas?

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I do have some ideas but probalby won’t speculate publicly.

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It’s pretty much what you think it is. But don’t google it unless you really want to know.

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Well, I’m not sure if this appropriate, but I have seen some very (NSFW) things here, so, HERE WE GO!
They are probably talking about butt-plugs and anal-beads. Those are the two primary “toys” for “bum play.”
There are many other things that could be used, but as far as “official toys,” those are the only two that jump to mind. Now, if your store is into hardcore stuff, then that expands the choices, but those are disturbing choices. So, let’s stick with anal beads and butt-plugs.

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Just think a sec. What is a Bum? Is it a dirty vagabond? Or somebody’s derriere?

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I was thinking a guy with all his belongings in a handkerchief on a stick he carries over his shoulder. You?

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So, would a “bum toy” in that case be a sandwich on a stick?
Like those cat toys you put catnip in… but I guess if it’s for a bum, you would stuff the sandwich with, ether cocaine or whisky.

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Anal beads, buttplugs with tails, buttplugs without tails, prostate stimulators, silicone dildos, enemas, pig holes, hitches, flush-throughs, Tadpole electrastimulators, speed douches, deep douches, solid enema plugs, prostate massagers, prostate vibrators, ass stretchers, colon snakes, ass hammers, bolos, WMCBPs, inflatable butt plugs, inflatable enema plugs, replacement inflation bulbs for aforementioned inflatables.

You know. The usual.

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@Adirondackwannabe I was thinking a guy with all his belongings in a handkerchief on a stick he carries over his shoulder. You?

Yeah, that’s pretty much what…wait, thanks for ruining my childhood, bro.

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They are going out of business and their debts may be in ar-rears.

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Things you shove up your arse.

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Bums love trains… Either way you want to take that, it’s true!

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