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Something natural for ADHD?

Asked by serenityNOW (3631points) April 13th, 2014

I’ve tried the Aderall route and got addicted. Strattera doesn’t do anything for me. So, maybe there’s a natural/holistic avenue? Can anyone advise?

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What did you get addicted to? Specifically, I mean. I’m pretty severe ADHD… Check out a recent past question I asked. Strattera sucked for me, too. I think it was because I feel normal in a hyper state and Straterra made me feel drugged. With adderal I have to play around with my dose. Too little doesn’t help, too much makes me psycho, and knowing when to take the last dose of the day is key for me.

Holistically, I absolutely need to exercise and move my body every day. I cut out all caffeine, and I make a ton of lists that I usually lose or leave laying around. The lists do help me center my thoughts. Yoga classes have also been helpful in the past, although my mind races in and out of concentrating. I’ve crafted an eating plan that seems to center me some, too. Google diets for ADHD and see what you think.

Read Taking Charge of Adult ADHD. They address the fact that getting through the first chapter is a struggle for people who genuinely have ADHD at the very end of the chapter, which I thought was funny. After that the book gets easier to deal with. Lots of snippets, self-assessment tests, side notes and short stories to break up the book into blocks you can pay attention to.

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I’ve heard that milk products can cause ADHD. This is obviously no scientifically proven, but it’s worth a try.

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Eat plenty of vegetables and fruit, exercise a lot. Don’t smoke. Drink little or no alcohol. Avoid recreational drugs.

Obviously that’s generic advice for everybody.

But you need to have the basics covered before you can try new variables like prescription drugs or other remedies. Otherwise it’s too hard to determine the cause of any problem.

I’m age 50, I speak from lots of experience, including lots of mistakes.

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Lavander oil helps a bit.

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@Judi – Love lavender; I use lavender soap and room spray. I’ll check out the oil.
@jaytkay – You’re advice is super-practical, and mostly demons I’ve struggled with, minus alcohol. I’m a terribly hardcore smoker, but weed I can go either with or without. I’ve been exercising more, but despite the fact I’m vegetarian, I do eat a lot of crap.
@tups – Dairy is tricky. Like I mentioned, I’m a veggie and I need protein from something. (Yes, beans and rice and tofu, but grrr… I hate cooking.)
@GloPro – Addicted, meaning I would snort the generic for days, till I’d run out, and when I had the Adderall XR (the capsules) I’d pop them like they were candy. Oops.

Thanks all!

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@GloPro How long have you been diagnosed, and were you honest with your doctor about having an addictive personality trait? I have found that if you don’t have the right medical doctor to help guide you to understand ADHD and all of the different ways it presents itself then they will just throw drugs at you. Obviously that doesn’t help in your situation.
I’m so thankful that I don’t have the addicted personality trait. I have several others that are debilitating, but I don’t get attached to anything.

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Check for a specific type that will help ADHD.

Obviously you will either need to live in an area with dispensaries or have a connection that knows the strains they are selling.

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@Silence04 It has been my experience that drugs do not interact with me the same as with people without ADHD it’s kind of a good predictor as to who genuinely has it.
Weed tends to rev me up and make it much harder for me to concentrate. Stimulants tend to make me shake but calm my mind down. I become the only quiet one in a room full of people that talk non-stop AT me. It’s kind of funny. That is, in part, why adderal works for me.
I don’t know if that is due to my reuptake of dopamine and serotonin being different already or what, but weed hasn’t worked for me.

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@glopro sounds like you just had the wrong strains. I have ADHD as well and it took a bit of time to find a type that was most effective for me.

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