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In what order do people seek thing out of money, power, or sex?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26879points) April 14th, 2014

disclaimer If this appears as a ”polling question”, it us unavoidable because neither the people involved in the original conversation or myself are millionaires capable of flying you all out to join the conversation. I placed love under sex because by my observation, not many can separate the two. Fame usually entails money or power if not both, so that is why fame was not mentioned. The question is not aimed at anyone it is a curiosity as to which of us in the original conversation may have been closer to the masses.

When it comes to what people commonly seek in life when it comes to sex, money, or power? For instance would you go with sex, money, then power, sex, power, than money etc.? If you would, please explain why you feel it is as you stated the order to be.

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Please clarify your stance on separating love and sex. The two are definitely not always correlated. I would choose love without sex if I were to rank the two as in lifelong importance. I must assume you mean romantic love if you are associating with sex, but should be sure of your question. Sometimes sex is correlated with power, you know. rape or incest And money. prostitution, porn and strippers
Fame is also not always correlated with money or power. Reality TV bullshit is an example of this. The Columbine school shooting would be another. Ghandi may be a third.

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@GloPro The two are definitely not always correlated.
Correct, from what I have observed no one is in a relationship if there is no sex, even if absence of sex is because of health reason. People do have sex without ever loving the one they are boinking, heck, in my younger days even I have done that. True love for another unencumbered by any physical gratification or even if the love is not returned in equal measure as the one giving it is a severe rarity from what I have observed..

I must assume you mean romantic love if you are associating with sex, but should be sure of your question.
No, just straight out sex, what people do for their own self, insomuch as they say they are cognizant of the feeling of the other, which usually is self-served, for if it were not to keep the other happy as to ensure future sex, they would not care if the other person enjoyed themselves or not; they would hit it, and quit it as if with a one-night stand or some hooker.

Sometimes sex is correlated with power, you know. rape or incest And money. Prostitution
In the sense of what the masses usually desire, it is not taking the sex by force which has all sorts of risk, physically and legally, she may be packing and they won’t find out until too late. However, from what I have gleaned of Fluther over the years, slipping something into a drink seems to be a common way to play someone out of their undies. With prostitution the sex is just a means to the money, which in turn can mean power, but for a hooker I do not think she would see sex with the trick as anything she desired insomuch as it is a conduit to his pocketbook.

Fame is also not always correlated with money or power.
That is why I did not include it on its own. You can be famous acting stupid on YouTube. Often if one is famous they have access to great amounts of money, even if short-lived, and certainly some aspects of power even if just with fans and minions looking to please them.

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I would gladly give up power and money if it ever meant jeopardizing my ability to enjoy love and sex.

I think very few have ever prioritized the order of these events except the silver spooner lucky sperm club members. Those then just had to decide who to have sex with. The rest of us rode the waves of chance and hard work to either make, wait and or seize opportunity when it happened. My guess is the vast majority of ordinary folks had sex way before they acquired anything that would qualify as money or power. Though many people can seize power without having had sex or a large bank account. Personally I know people may think about all 3 and have learned to live happy lives without any of them.

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MOney, power, sex. Money gains you power. Sex is easy, a non-factor for me.

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I’m going to put power at the top. Although money does lead to power, I think that the desire for money is created by the desire for power.

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Hmm, so if I understand your question sex for self, money for self, and power over others?
Then I choose money, sex, power.

Money will allow me a greater pool of sexual partners to choose from, and power over others will follow because of the money as well. It would be an extremely superficial way to live, as none of the 3 of those are driving forces in my life decisions at the moment.

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Could you paraphrase “do people seek thing(?) out of money, power, or sex?” so that I can understand what you mean?

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^ Could you paraphrase “do people seek thing(?) out of money, power, or sex?” so that I can understand what you mean?
What people seek for long-term contentment, enjoyment, or happiness (even if it is quasi-happiness), out of sex for self-enjoyment or recreation, money/wealth, to be rich enough to embellish your dreams, or power, having influence to get done what you wish even if you did not have the money, but the respect, love or adoration where others would spend their money to do for you what you ask, or to have power through your own position or cash that people will make themselves boot lackeys in hopes to be in your inner circle.

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It’s all about the sex. Money and power are meaningless without sex. Why do you think a pill that causes erections in men over 70 is a billion dollar money maker each year?

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@PhiNotPi If I may….what about power is so alluring to you?

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Power for me anyway, although I am trying to avoid temptation.

Everyday I wake up and say:

“The world is a mess and I just… need to rule it.”

Then I tell myself I have to let them make mistakes.

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With power comes responsibility, and responsibility is a lot of work.

Money is more necessary than desirable. I’d prefer a universe in which money wasn’t necessary.

Sex… I could take it or leave it, really.

I really lack ambition in general.

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Sex when one is young, money when one is older, and power when one’s money can buy it.

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The world runs with money, wherever you look, it’s the root of it all. My dad was all like, banks are the Devil’s temples. Sex, power, you can get all that if you have money. Even the Pope’s so dang rich, he probably can’t lift his hands because of all the rocks on em.

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Take a look at Washington D.C. as a prime example. It’s always been that money buys power. sex is just a side piece that doesn’t come close to the “high” of POWER.

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