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What is the most important sense to you that you would hate to lose?

Asked by Cruiser (40393points) April 14th, 2014

I once lost my ability to taste for a year and a half and it was miserable to not be able to taste food I cooked…everything felt like mushy blah oatmeal to me and completely lost any interest in eating. I could though see how any of the remaining senses could fill in for the one lost sense.

If you had to choose…which sense would you rather sacrifice over the others. Taste, sight, sound, touch, smell or Vulcan abilities…If it were a random event that deprived you of one…which one would you miss the most?

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I would miss sight the most. Followed closely by hearing.
I think I would miss smelling the least. Though how much of tasting is actually smelling:/

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Sight and hearing, but even worse, not a sense, but losing my ability to speak.
I am such a humorous, off the cuff, witty, playful type. It would so suck if I had to carry around a note pad and scribble out my voice. Lost in translation doesn’t even begin to express the horror of losing my ability to speak.

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@AshLeigh I lost both the ability to smell and taste yet my Salesman cannot smell yet he can still taste. Very curious.

@Coloma You always have Duck Dynasty Duck calls to fall back on if your lose your ability to speak! ;)

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@Cruiser Trye, I may not be able to speak but I could still blow my duck calls. haha

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All the things @AshLeigh said.

And not a sense, but losing my feeling.

I just fucking hate unemotional people, and I don’t want to be in the same league with them.

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What’s the question?

“What is the most important sense to you that you would hate to lose?”

or “If you had to choose…which sense would you rather sacrifice over the others. Taste, sight, sound, touch, smell?”

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All of them. I don’t see any upside to choosing one over the others. I’d rather lose my legs or an arm before losing any of my senses.

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Sight is to me the most fundamental.
You can bury your head in the dirt, looking at the sky. You can’t hear. You can’t smell. Your body is numb. But you’re vividly alive and experiencing life.

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Sense of touch/feeling. The other ones are already significantly damaged or deteriorating to varying degrees.

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Sight. I could live in my head sound-wise I think. Like Peter Griffin’s theme song. I’ve commented that Paralympians are amazing. Losing taste would mean I’ll be skinny without effort. If I lost my smell I might be more adventurous.

But sight? How could I not be on Fluther anymore?

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My sense of responsibility.

Son #2 has recently turned 18. His independence brings me both pride, and sorrow. I want to be responsible for him. He’s taking that away from me, slowly, torturously. It’s painful, but the kind of pain like sore muscles from a workout. It hurts, but I know it’s for the best.

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Oh yeah… It would be a real bummer if my “Spidey Sense” ever stopped “tingling”.

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The feeling of touch….on my D.

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Sight. Would never wish to lose that. In fact I think I’d kill myself if I ever went blind.

I’m curious to know what happened that made you lose your sense of taste?

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Sixth, I bought the blu-ray only recently, be a shame to lose it so soon.

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Sight, if I lost that I may as well be dead!

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@Symbeline I really don’t know. All I remember is a developed hives on my inner forearms for about a month and then like a switch flipped I could not smell or taste. 18 months later it all came back. Doc’s could not tell me why.

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My “common sense” that helps me to understand the truth about what is being shoved down my throat by the Media.

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@Cruiser Wow, that’s weird…stuff that happens to you which doctors can’t explain must be pretty scary. Must make one realize how mych we all take normal things for granted and all.

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@Symbeline I did have the allergy scratch test and found out I was allergic to dust mites and pine. I already knew about the pine. Bought some allergen pillows and pillow cases and I think that is what helped me beat the loss of smell and taste. Don’t know for sure.

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Well, good thing it came back. Let’s hope that never happens again. ;/

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Slightly not related but…I went to Tim Horton’s this evening, and I saw a dude with no arms. He had fake plastic arms with three hook things at the ends. Don’t know how far the replacement arms went, I think it was the whole forearm. Didn’t want to stare or nothing. Saw him drink his coffee, seemed to be managing well enough.

But my god that has to blow. Lose one arm, okay that’s bad enough…but both? Poor man. :(

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I would hate to lose my hearing more than any of the others. Listening to music, the voices and laughter (my boyfriend’s laugh is one go my favourite things) of people I love and certain sounds in nature (the sound of the sea for example) are too important to me. I would sacrifice my sense of smell if I had to.

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Hands down would have to be vision, second hearing

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