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How sensual are you?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30822points) September 30th, 2010

Are you in tune with your senses? Do you walk barefoot over grass? Do you like the water drenching your every pore as you dive in the ocean? Does your mouth tingle as you anticipate the bite of a delicious dish? How does your heart react to the sound of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony? Does your nose quiver at the scent of marigolds on the hottest summer’s day? Do your eyes water seeing the smooth skin of a baby?

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I’m 50/50 on this one. I do like to stay indoors and just live life abstemiously, but I also love to be outside and experience nature at it’s finest. I love the smell of a warm sunny day and I enjoy my food with every sense possible.

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Jake, I don’t have an sense! Once did. It died with my “thang!”

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Oh only completely & incredibly so. I’m very tactlile for one. Hyper sensitive to different tastes. Yes & I confess in a loud & steady voice that i’ve been known to shed a tear or two when watching certain movies.When my kids were toddlers most things they did had me coming out in goosebumps & teary eyed. All over tingling & yes, bursting with pride.

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I wallow in it. I love the smells, sensations, tastes, etc of life. That is what makes it life.

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I love everything in life pertaining to nature itself… every smell and every touch is important to me.
We live in a great world full of exciting things.

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I’m an incredibly sensual individual and cannot imagine living any differently. One of the best is listening (and feeling) someone’s heartbeat. Sometimes, I’ll press my ear to a loved one’s chest and close my eyes – you can just feel they are alive. (There’s a line from “Scar Tissue” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers “I want to lick your heart and taste your health” – that’s what it’s like. A deep connection through the senses.)

I know people who aren’t the “stop and smell the roses” type (and I mean this in a literal sense) but I need the slow-down. I want to take everything in.

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Not really.

I far prefer the abstract.

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(I said that very sensually)

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You know, I do all that stuff in your question and in @ucme‘s answer, and yet I’m not sure how sensual I think I am. I guess I think I’m more sensual in theory than in practice.

To be sensual, you need to slow down, and I find myself racing around so much. Just to pause for a second to feel and taste the food in my mouth, it takes me serious commitment to remember I want to do that. And quickly, my fast chewing starts up again.

I love the feel of my beloved’s skin. I love it under my hands and I love full body contact, but I rarely get it. She is (physically) cold and wears pajamas all the time. Sometimes, though, we hold or touch hands, or lay a hand on a knee or head, and the sense of focus that provides—all the senses coming into play, but mostly the interior sense of heat and pressure and energy flow—is quite intense.

In my imagination, I experience things with all my senses. This is so I can write it down and help others feel it. It is so I can talk someone into an orgasm just with my words creating a world for her. It is because all the senses feel like they are being processed in an imaginative space. If I pay attention—really focus—I can become one with these sensations. There is no separation between me and experience.

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Off the scale.

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off the scale, very, extremely, etc. well, how about sex maniac! One up!

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It’s the only way to live. Using all eleven+ of them.

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@wundayatta mentioned me in dispatches, okay only in it’s most rudimentary form but still noteworthy. Oooh…i’ve got the all over shakes on that one, very sensual feeling

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Why yes,I am. :)
I work as an artist and it is my nature to be that way.
I notice the little things

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Definitely very sensual.

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@ucme I was going to try to respond to you, but then I thought I wouldn’t want you to faint or anything, what with your sensitive nature and the awesome feeling of having me mention your name, so I decided I shouldn’t. Mention your name. Except I did. Just ignore that, ok? And keep your smelling salts close to hand.

This has been a public service announcement from the Butterfly in Blue.

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My boyfriend told me very early on in our relationship that he was attracted to how sensual I am. That’s got to be a good sign!

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Not by Jake’s definition. :-/ But by my definition? Yup.
and no; I won’t define what that means. lol

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@wundayatta Oh you were so smiling all the way through that, I just know you were! Look you’re doing it again. Look at those lips quivering…..go on, yeah there they go. Big smile…...BIG smile :¬)

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Very sensual. I appreciate it all (art, nature, people, things and life in general). And, according to my girlfriend, that’s one of the things that she loves about me.

I notice it, take the time and a drink it all in.

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Very much, I think mostly visual and tactile.

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@ucme Oh, gee. Here. Have a cookie. I was getting one for you, too, anyway! Really I was!

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@wundayatta Me no like cookies, me want a gingerbread man! Do it, do it now.

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@ucme Oh, I’m sorry. I really didn’t mean to step on him, but how did I know he was going to run under my foot? You can’t hold me responsible for that. Look! Here’s a piece that has hardly any dirt on it. Five second rule still applies.

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@wundayatta So, are you Shrek by any chance?

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I am very sensual. Thanks for asking

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I’m usually stuck in my head, so it’s probably unusual how much of a sensualist I am. I think my senses are the one area I use to experience the world outside of my head. My senses are a direct line to my emotions. I quite honestly appreciate every single one of them and get inordinate amounts of pleasure from sights, smells, tastes, tactile sensation, and sounds. I take deliberate care to preserve my sense receptors; like using earplugs at concerts and loud bars.

I tell you what, I had a bad ear infection last year and lost the hearing in my right ear for a month and it was very upsetting. I take great care of my hearing and it was so weird being half deaf, not being able to tell where, exactly, a sound was coming from, that sort of thing. It made me appreciate my hearing even more, though I didn’t think that was possible.

Anyway, one of my greatest pleasures in life is exploring the world through my senses. I love being immersed in them.

Edited to add: I consider myself an artist and a musician, which ties into working with the senses and trying to channel emotions and feelings outward, rather than in.

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I have hardly any smell, and taste well it’s there. Probably because I smoke. But I love eye candy.Look at stuff. and touch is very sensitive as well as my hearing. I wish I could handle loud music . I used to not anymore. I am very ticklish.

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I love walking barefoot, I hardly ever wear shoes. I love swimming especially in the ocean or lakes. And the smell of lilac bushes in spring always makes me smile and think about happy things. But I don’t have a clue what sensual means.

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@daytonamisticrip : I think you’re learning it very quickly from what you just described.

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Does it mean like paying attention to the small or free things in life? I don’t feel like goggling it :)

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@daytonamisticrip : For the purposes of this question, sensual means being in tune to your sense of touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight and using those to fully appreciate the world around you.

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I’m not so visual, on account of having poor eyesight, but a big resounding yes for my other senses. I can’t walk around barefoot though. Because I can’t see so well I end up with broken toes if I try to do that.

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Somewhat. I love to paint and I’m always noticing how the sunlight changes at different times of day, and how that affects color in the landscape. For example it rained today so there were all these lovely cool, muted colors. On the other hand late afternoon light (‘golden hour’) is great because it makes everything so vibrant, warm, and saturated. So I keep thinking to myself, I know how to mix that color! Let me get home and paint that!

I love sound, but have much less understanding of how it works and what makes one sound great and another sound ordinary. By the way, I just discovered Zoe Keating , an avant-garde cellist. Total feast for your ears.

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Extremely sensual. I am obsessed with different feelings on my feet. Good grass is so rare around here…the other day I stumbled upon some lush green grass (which I haven’t seen literally in months) and immediately passed out onto it. It was someones yard but I’m sure they understood. At the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park SF me and my boyfriend both about lost it when we felt the moss on our feet. That is like nothing else in the world. So soft. And….aside from things on my feet….I love everything else touching me too. Except cardboard or chalk or styrofoam.

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